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  1. Hi, Who has experience with Rodriguez in their teams? which is the best position to play him and with what tactics? I already have Suarez and Falcao up front with Khedira, Gundogen in midfield so am wondering what is the best way to deploy him. thanks
  2. Re: Counter formations Whats the best formation to use against 433 (wingers) - I have the following players: Reina Agger (90) Bonucci (92) Godin (92) Zabaleta (92) Baines (90) Criscito (90) Pjanic (91) Gundogan (91) Khedira (92) Lucas (90) Sterling (89) Arfa (89) Schurrle (91) Suarez (95) Falcao (94) Please help!
  3. Re: Looking for players at Wingback & Attacking Mid For wingbacks: Azpilicueta 91 (~15m) For Attacking Mid: Pjanic, Xherdan Shaqiri and Raheem Sterling (you should be able to get 2 of them with your 25m)
  4. Re: How many clubs can you be offered simultaneously in the same GW? Bump! None of the SM team around?
  5. Re: Looking for players at Wingback & Attacking Mid What is your budget?
  6. Can an existing manager be offered 3 different clubs at the same time in the same GW? I'm just curious because there is a current manager in my GW who has been offered 3 clubs but hasn't rejected any of them despite logging in daily. As a result all transfer activity with those clubs is stopped. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but I can't find it anywhere. thanks in advance.
  7. Re: New Improvements Jesus Christ, what have you guys done?!!! Most of my screen is full of ads of scantily clad women on either side. On the tactics page it doesn't even say who I'm playing against!!! Instead I have to click on the match information tab to see and view their previous games' formation. The news feed is virtually minimal and on the previous setup I could see my forthcoming fixtures on the bar at the top - now that has become barely visible showing only the next game. Instead theres more inpetus on showing whos been logging in. Who gives a ****, if I want to see that I'd
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lavezzi or A. Sanchez?
  9. Re: Counter formations How would you counter 3-5-2 with Mata/Alaba on the wings and Lewandowski/Gotze up front? I usually play 4-5-1 against them and always get thrashed 3-0 or so.
  10. Re: Advertising in Match Report??? Is this the video ad before the report appears? It can be skipped after 5 secs can't it? Its annoying but 5 secs isn't going to kill you.
  11. Re: Minimum transfer fee - overiding it You've missed the point. The chairman has already set a minimum fee. Allowing a manager to do so with hugely inflated prices just ruins the game. The transfer engine should still allow you put in a bid with a reason, thats my point. Negotiating with a manager most of whom are school/college kids isn't really feasible in most cases. They just want big cash to live this fantasy of buying Messi and Falcao!
  12. Re: Minimum transfer fee - overiding it SM already has values assigned to players and a chairman will prevent any bids under this being accepted (which also prevents cheating). The minimum fee just allows managers to ruin the game with hugely inflated prices preventing you to put even a bid in.
  13. Hi This is a long shot but I've noticed some managers are putting ridiculous minimum fees for players, meaning we can't bid for them at all. I'd like to bid max £13m for Arbeloa but a manager has put up a min fee of £30m! Theres many more examples of this greed. I know you can email the manager a price but it would be nice if we were still able to bid through the transfer engine, without having to email, and put in a reason for the lower bid (ie. Player valuation excessive, Player too old, etc) which could get the managers' attention and make them reconsider the fee. Emailing them just see
  14. Re: Another new design... When clicking on a player the pop up no longer comes and instead it navigates away from the original page. That is so annoying. At the moment I can't even get into the tactics page and the x when deleting messages isn't even working. Only the good lord knows what the SM design team are thinking. All these silly changes built up have ruined the fun factor playing this game. I think I'll give this a few more weeks and then call it quits.
  15. Re: New view of the website Why has the player summary info (morale, condition, form) been removed from the pitch display view?
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