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  1. Some of the 2017 jerseys are leaked out. And I really like the Atlanta United home jersey. Which jersey do you like?
  2. Re: Finally Arsenal spend on Ozil Ozil said: ‘I look forward to my future with Arsenal. In talking with Arsene Wenger, I immediately sensed what had been missing, the wholehearted trust in me. I will pay back the club and the fans in each game. Now I want to help the club to finally win a title.’ His capture means the club have kept their promise of landing a high-profile signing after failed attempts with Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney, Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain. Wenger said: ‘He is a great player, with proven quality at both club and international level. We have watched and admired him for some time as he has all the attributes I look for in an Arsenal player. Will Ozil help Arsenal to win a title? I hope so.
  3. Because of the come of Ancelotti and Bale, Ozil had to leave Real Madrid this summer. After the sign with Arsenal,Ozil said the reason he leaves Real Madrid is he can’t be fully trust in Real Madrid. Now he want to help Arsenal to win a title.
  4. Re: Messi and Neymar need to cooperate with each other Whatever,i feel Messi unlike Neymar,it's a hard time for Barca,if they cooperate with each other then,barca may create another record
  5. Re: Messi and Neymar need to cooperate with each other For the match referee, Martino said: "Actually, I have nothing to say on the referee,someone has been suggested that the penalty does not exist, but I do not think. Obviously, Atletico players fouled inside the penalty area. Valdes had a outstanding performance today, rescue our teams three times and our defense has a lot of content needs to be corrected. As for first title since being Barcelona coach, Martino said: "As Barca coach 40 days, the players training hard, which is what they deserve. Season has just begun, to win at least not a bad thing, we need to progress, really need to progress. " Cheap soccer jerseys
  6. Re: Messi and Neymar need to cooperate with each other Reporters have proposed a very sharp question: "How do you think the cooperation between Messi and Neymar ?" Martino replied: "I think Messi and Neymar each individually performed very well, but in the same venue lack of cooperation. When they cooperated with each other, the quality of the offensive decline. This situation happens with the players’ injuries, they lack training together. Neymar's performance seems good, but I felt he was tired. " New Barcelona Home soccer jerseys
  7. Re: Messi and Neymar need to cooperate with each other Although Barca win, but reporters made a lot of questions questioned Barca tactics. Martino from the conference outset constantly explain the problems, first starting lineup: "Actually I want to Iniesta starting today, and now nothing to say." Reporters asked whether Messi’s injury is heal in the end, and invited Martino talk about Messi’s penalty throw penalty, Martino replied: "Messi and I talked before the game, I judge that he can participate in the competition." New Barcelona soccer uniforms
  8. Re: Messi and Neymar need to cooperate with each other Barca and Atletico Madrid coach, attended the conference after the match. Martino admitted: "Messi and Neymar each individually performed very well, but at the same venue lack of cooperation." Simone said: "If Atletico Madrid’investment is as much as Barcelona, then Barcelona will fail to Atletico." Cheap soccer jerseys
  9. On August 29, Barcelona 0-0 Atletico Madrid win on away goals, with a total score of 1-1 to win the Spanish Super Cup in 2013. Barcelona won the 11th championship of the tournament , becomes the highest number Spanish team of winning title. Harvey won his 25th career title, surpassing Real Madrid legend Gento, becoming the first person in the history of Spanish football. Barca won 11 times to continue to lead the Super Cup title Ranking, came in behind with Real Madrid, nine times, and then again is La Coruna, Valencia, Mallorca, Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Zaragoza and Seville. Barcelona is the best team over the past decade in Spanish Super Cup, a total of six times to win the trophy in the bag. Rijkaard's team wins (2005 and 2006)two, Guardiola's team won three times (2009,2100 and 2011), plus the Martino led the team to win this year. Barca won 11 times in history, four times the opponent is Atletico Madrid (1991,1992,1996 and 2013), Barcelona coach is Johan Cruyff, respectively, Robson and Martino. In addition, Atletico Madrid won championship and his rivals is Barcelona in 1985. Replica Barcelona soccer jerseys
  10. This post will introduce the Manchester United soccer jerseys since 1879. At first,here comes the 1879-1886 home&away soccer jerseys
  11.    The "Marca", which is one of the authoritative sports daily of Spain, has concluded that the Spanish players flows to the Premier League this summer and felt the big trend of La Liga ‘s changing from a buyer's to a seller's market with emotions. And this phenomenon can be seen more thorough through a second-rate league teams in this summer's transfer strategy. From Atletico Madrid last season(the third) to Getafe(the tenth) almost every club has a large transfer fee at or more than eight million for the sale, which leading many core players flow to foreign leagues. Why will the most La Liga club’s finance is so terrible that them have to sell their core players to survive? Besides the influence of the economy of Spain, i think it’s also has some connections with Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the past years, Real Madrid and Barcelona was overwhelmingly dominant. Over the past nine years, the Real Madrid scored three times champion, while Barcelona won six championships, the other team can never see the hope of breaking the "monopoly". Since Real Madrid and Barcelona are membership clubs, which ensures that they can draw on membership fees as operating expenses so that they have enough money to buy their favorite players and maintain competitiveness and influence. As a result of that, the top players also let them get more attentions. But for the others, most have been converted to stock club.However, they did not complete a real transformation, which means they lose the advantages of membership and can not fully display their strengths of financing from investors and fans as joint-stock company. Accept that,the La Liga broadcast rights allocation is also a "wonderful work". It is not the same as the Premier League to take a more average way (better performance club can earn more, but overall it is rather average), but let Barcelona and Real Madrid take a large piece of cake, while the rest clubs sharing only a small portion of the remainder, which is so difficult for them to achieve growth in revenue. Malaga's old gold master, precisely because of his dissatisfaction on the La Liga broadcast rights allocation scheme, then he stopped the team's financial support angrily . Other teams are also have difficult obtaining benefits in the main source of income,so the finance is terrible. Which is why, in addition to Real Madrid and Barcelona club, other La Liga clubs is always vulnerable when they contest with them in strength and financial. If you want to get more wealth and honor, you can rather to join the two fifth or can only to go abroad to play football. Barcelona soccer jerseys wholesale   
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