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  1. why iker casillas has the same rating with valdes!
  2. Re: Advanced Player Search not in there section anymore, just have on the top right of the screen only
  3. Re: Is there any way of seeing who won the player of the season on previous seasons? click average perfomance on the history gameworld of last season
  4. Re: Can you go into debt if you buy a player thats a million or so above your balance the deal will be cancelled
  5. Re: Reus for Falcao keep reus if you want to stay long in your gw, reus is young talented player, and yes falcao also but he already 27 but reus 24. falcao will stay for 94 for long time. and i think reus can only get +1 only in next review.
  6. Re: Is it a game or a joke? lol i was a joke. it never happens ! XD hehe
  7. Re: Is it a game or a joke? lol but you know this is really happen. remember when england lose to croatia 1-4 ?
  8. Re: Oscar djuricic salvio if me, i will keep oscar. he incredible player when he play brazil
  9. Re: Financial disaster looming?! allan wages is 0k ?! is that mean he play free for my team ??
  10. Re: Winning deal against external team absolutely
  11. cool right if we can choose what number for player ?
  12. for this season, he already play 4 games and scored once. for total he played for 68 times and only score 19 goal. when i put him as striker, he always assist for other midfielder to score (not always) and average perfomance for this season is 7.60. is it worth to keep him ?
  13. Re: Financial disaster looming?! get carlos guerreno ( 15 y/o) and jordan allan (14 y/o)
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