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  1. Re: New Setup!!! hey ! i'm jose mota!! i sent u a pm??!!
  2. Re: New Setup!!! hi! may i join with Sporting?
  3. Re: Hex`s Champions league(edition2) recaps, discussion thread! hey guys any1 interested in Juninho?
  4. Re: Italian Ratings any1 know about Montolivo?
  5. Re: Hex`s setups requires managers! tnx!! my username is Jose Mota
  6. Re: Hex`s setups requires managers! hi can i have lyon in hex champions league 2?
  7. Re: New Setup - Playing in Groups hi great idea i would like to join.
  8. Re: Save Our Season i want a "save our season" team!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Re: Euro Setup- Your rules! hi, i would like to join 1. Atletico de Madrid 2. Arsenal 3. Fiorentina
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