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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hazard + Courtois for Messi?

    Gotze + Thiago Alcantara for Luis Suarez

    Messi definitely. One of two best players in the game' date=' unique and phenomenal.

    Have one more question[b']. One[/b] of these players:

    James Rodriguez, Koke, Marco Reus?

    You may also rank them.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Re: John Stones

    I doubt Stones would play in your first team now or in the future so from this point of view I wouldn't buy him.

    The only reason to get him may be doing some business with him as a player to swap.

    Is John Stones a good signing for the future. I got some bright talents for the future' date=' below the list:

    * Raphäel Varane

    * Correa Marquinhos

    * Koray Günter

    * Phil Jones

    * Kurt Zouma

    * Tin Jedvaj

    My current defenders for the main body are:

    * Vincent Kompany

    * Thiago Silva

    * Gerard Pique

    * Mehdi Benatia

    * David Luiz

    * Neven Subotic

    * Javi Martinez

    Let me know your opinion towards well or not signing John Stones.[/quote']

  3. Re: Should I sell El Shaarawy & buy Harry Kane?

    Kane was at an unmanaged club' date=' I put a bid in which was accepted, but then his upgrade came though before the transfer took place....... so I had to put in a new offer that was twice as much....... but it didn't put me off! He's a top player, one of the few english youngsters with real class.[/quote']

    If your offer was accepted you didn't have to make a new offer even though his value rose. The transfer would have been completed. Just for the future.

  4. Re: Urgent! - who to buy??

    Who is best to buy from these available? I can only afford one!

    Pique' date=' Busquets, Costa, Falcao, Bale, Di Maria, Pedro

    My team is:




    De Rossi








    Reserve: Alexis Sanchez, Alba, Oscar, Phil Jones, Shaw, Januzaj, Kane[/quote']

    I would choose between Bale and Busquets. Your defence needs addition so probably Busquets. However he can lose his CB position. Still great as CM.

    Another option is Pique. You can wait for the review and get him if he doesn't drop.

  5. Re: C. Ronaldo: 65 million + Oscar

    I play 3-5-2 mostly in this line-up


    Kompany - T.Silva - Pique

    Hazard - Neymar - Pogba - Müller - Ronaldo

    Messi - Falcao

    Got Thiago Alcantara on loan for the rest it is young players so. If you got recommondations you can always PM me.

    You don't need full backs and as for CM/DM I would try to sign someone from this list: Matic(should be main target), Verratti, Thiago A., Hamsik, Marchisio

    and for the future: Samper, Tielemans, Lucas Silva, Hojbjerg, Gaudino, Goretzka, Ruben Neves

  6. Re: C. Ronaldo: 65 million + Oscar

    Uh' date=' Hazard plays for me.

    Reus and Fabregas are unavailable. But Diego Costa he is willing to let go to me after the Ronaldo deal.

    [b']FULL SQUAD:[/b]


    * Manuel Neuer

    * Thibaut Courtois


    * Douglas Pereira

    * Vincent Kompany

    * Mehdi Benatia

    * Thiago Silva

    * David Silva

    * Javi Martinez

    * Gerard Pique

    * Neven Subotic

    * Luke Shaw

    Defensive midfielder

    * Paul Pogba

    Offensive midfielders + Wings

    * Eden Hazard

    * Erik Lamela

    * Junior Neymar

    * Alexis Sanchez

    * Jorge Koke

    * Thomas Müller

    * Mario Götze

    * Alarcon Isco

    * Cristiano Ronaldo

    * James Rodriguez


    * Lionel Messi

    * Luis Suarez

    * Sergio Agüero

    * Radamel Falcao

    You have Hazard, Koke, James, Gotze, Neymar so there is no point buying Oscar. Your team would be weaker without Ronaldo.

    I don't know what is your main formation but if you manage to buy left back, right back and one- two CM's the squad will be complete and very strong.

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hummels or Lewandowski

    I'm not too bothered about the positional difference' date=' although obviously there's a straight preference to CB. Who is better with higher potential[/quote']

    Lewandowski is exceptional when it comes to intelligence and ability to learn. His developement is amazing. 4-5 years ago nobody in Poland was able to predict his current status in European football.

    Therefore I would go for Lewy. He is already 94 and may be higher in the future.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Munoz or Rojo??

    And is it worth buying Lucas Piazon?? Will he rise? Is he a proper talent?

    Piazon is definitely worth buying. Known as big talent for several years, now a starter in Bundesliga team. Difficult to predict his future in Chelsea because of strong competition but I'd call signing him as wise risk.

    Can't help in Munoz-Rojo dilema.

  9. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Sorry for asking again but i didn't get that many replies. Kompany-Pogba-Aurier or Ibra and Luiz?

    It depends on your squad and plans.

    Ibra has already announced his retirement in June 2016 so if you need world class striker until then Ibra is the option.

    I don't think Luiz will achieve 94 or even 93 anyday whereas Kompany seems to be safe at 94 as Manchester City player. Pogba is young and already 92 so will probably rise further. Don't know enough about Aurier to say anything.

    I'd say:

    -long tem or if you need CB rather than St: Kompany' date=' Pogba, Aurier

    -short term(1,5 years) and ST needed: Ibra and Luiz[/b']

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    1. Karim Benzema or Gonzalo Higuain?

    Is there real chance for Benzema to rise to 94? Higuain safe at 94?

    2. Cesar Azpilicueta OR Jordi Alba?

    And two additional questions:

    - are they likely to achieve 93 within 1-2 years?

    - is Azpilicueta fully converted to LB and will he lose RB position?

    Thanks in advance.

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