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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: Counter formations and guide to newcomers.(Colas,Anderson) It's exactly the same I thought. This game is often illogical. Anyway it seems to work well.
  2. Re: The Weakness of 442 It's impressive and this tactic seems to be really strong but also the opposition team was weaker in terms of squad in this example. I suppose it was league match so you obviously didn't want to take a risk. However it's good to test tactics against equal teams. I have some questions. Have you tried to use all over pressing and hard tackling while using attakcing mentality? Or Defensive/normal mentality instead of attacking? What about results in these cases? I will try your tactic also with some modifications and give feedback here. Great work, thanks!
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If you plan to build strong team take the duo but you will have to wait for their rating increase. Both are more talented than Bender imo. Bender is solid but I don't see him above 92 anytime in the future and there are plenty of central midfielders in the game so you would have possibilities to replace him.
  4. Re: Mandzukic + El Shaarawy for Ibrahimovic? Ibrahimovic will play until june 2016 as he announced and by then he should be minimum 94 unless his form declines quickly. It may happen though so it would be little risk. On the other hand Mandzukic can comfortably achieve 93 or even 94 in Atletico while El Sha is very talented player and after Balotelli departure he should be more important player for Milan. I would keep the duo but in 2 years term Ibra would make your team stronger probably.
  5. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? And the second game. Away this time. Very defensive tactic and very disappointing result. Plus my goalkeeper had bad day and my Barca was destroyed by my brother's ManCity.
  6. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? Hi guys, I've got first result of friendly played today. The next try to beat 4-3-3 wingers with settings used by the team which have the best squad in my GW. I planned to play possession football. Failed totally. Just look at the screanshots:
  7. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? Great results. I will try it definitely Still the question is how counter attack works. Today I played away against the best team in my GW- average rating 94-95. My team is also strong- 94. I set slow tempo, short passing and defensive mentality. And to test I added counter attack. I've never done it before with such instructions- only with fast tempo and mixed/direct passing. The result was draw 2-2 but my team dominated in all areas. My keeper had worse day. It can be the prove that style of passing and tempo are not connected with counter attack. Counter attack is used after retaining possession and is always fast and direct even if passing and tempo in instructions are different than direct and fast If we don't tick counter attack our team simply build attack without rush after regaining possession using instructions set e.g. short or mixed passing. It needs further testing though. Really changed my approach
  8. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Hi guys, what can you say about Raúl JIMÉNEZ? Does he have potential to be first striker in top team?
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... How good is Raúl JIMÉNEZ? Worth buying? 90+ potential?
  10. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? Direct passes are used to supply forwards with ball as soon as possible while short passes are used to patient play between midfielders to find the best position to shot from distance or pass to forwards. That's why I'd rather play short passes- they are better to play possession football which I prefer. And there is this confusing thing- is style of passing global for all aspects of team play including counter attack or style of passing is chosen only for play when you build attack while opponent has his defence well set. In reality good example is Barcelona. They play short passes and when take the ball from the opponent they rather don't use counter attack and build attack calmly. Real after regaining possession try to make counter attack asap. They also play more direct and faster football when have the ball(not after taking it from opponent but when they start action by goalkeeper for example). It would be better if counterattack is independent and always fast and direct as it should be. In such situation we can play possession football with short passing and slow tempo but also make counterattack when it's possible. I'll try to check it somehow and give feedback.
  11. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? Great, it's probably good way to beat 4-4-3 wing. One thing is confusing me. I was always using short passes and normal/slow tempo to maintain possesion and never mixed it with counter attack. Counter attack should have mixed/direct passing and fast tempo imo. But now I think it may be independable. I mean counter attack is always fast and direct and if the team make an action when counter attack is impossible, then instructions set are used. For example short passes and slow tempo if set. But when the ball is taken from the opponent and there is occasion to counter, team make counter attack and it's always direct and fast whatever instructions are set. What do you think about it? To sum up: if we set short passes and slow tempo is it used only during possession play and not during counter attack which is always fast and direct? OR if we set short passes and slow tempo is it used always, so with counter attack too? If yes, we should set always fast tempo and direct/mixed passing when counter attack is set.
  12. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? Yes, this could make the difference but on the other hand men behind the ball doesn's seem to work well with all over pressure. There is also possibility that one of these two matches was just this one match from ten when one team is better than another. Therefore we should play many matches using the same settings to judge tactics properly.
  13. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? It was my plan to test 4-1-3-2 - it was played last thursday. And the next thursday I will play 4-2-3-1 1. I think there are only three factors which affect players' performance: rating, morale and fitness. And obvioulsly proper position. In friendlies probably only rating is important. Here could be Benatia but also Subotic for example. No difference. 2. Hazard played as AMC on the right, Fabregas AMC in the middle, Lahm as MC- everyone green I think Man City had simply too strong team expecially in attack and that's why they won. In the first match Villa's offence was too weak against Porto defenders.
  14. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? I played twice with my two teams against two different teams using formation 4-3-3 wingers. My teams played 4-1-3-2. 1. Porto- Aston Villa Line ups: Porto: De Gea, Cuadrado, Chiellini, Mascherano, Kompany, Rakitic, Modric, Busquets, Mandzukic, D.Costa, Nasri Aston Villa: Valdes, Piszczek, Schmelzer, Bonucci, Godin, Ramsey, Moutinho, Tevez, Lewandowski, Jovetic, Mkhitaryan Instructions: Porto: 4-1-3-2: tackling hard, mentality normal, passing short, pressing all over(by mistake, wanted to use own half), men behind the ball, play maker, target man Aston Villa: 4-3-3 wingers: taclng normal, mentality attacking, pressing all over, counter attack, tight marking, use playmaker The result was 4-1 for Porto: Stats: Porto: possession 48%, total shots 11, on target 10, corners 5 Aston Villa: 52%, 5, 1, 8 2. Barcelona- Man City Line ups: Barcelona: De Gea, Cuadrado, Alaba, T.Silva, Benatia, Hazard, Fabregas, Lahm, G.Rossi, Rooney, Rakitic Man City: Neuer, Piszczek, G.Boateng, Kompany Subotic, Sahin, Iniesta, Matuidi, Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Ribery Instructions: Barcelona: the same as Porto but pressing own half as I had planned Man City: the same as Aston Villa the score 0:3 for Man City stats: Barca: 40%, 5, 4, 3 Man City: 60%, 11, 9, 11 To sum up There are two completely different results which is confusing. Is this because of match engine or differences with squads? That's a question. Porto had squad slightly better than Aston Villa with duo Modric-Busquets in the middle. The opponent had avarage attacking trio Mkhitaryan- Jovetic- Lewandowski against strong Porto defenders Cuadrado-Mascherano-Kompany-Chiellini. In the second match Barcelona faced stronger side. The middle Fabregas- Lahm was also very strong such as in Porto but Man City had Iniesta in the middle and extremely strong attacking trio Cavani- Ribery- Ibrahimovic against barca defenders Cuadrado- T.Silva- Benatia- Alaba slightly weaker than Porto defence. Probably strong City attack was the reason of such big difference in these two matches.
  15. Re: The Weakness of 433 wing??? Were all games against 4-4-3 wings? If so, these are really good news- it seems 5-4-1 counters 433w. What about instructions?
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