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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread I agree it's a shame professional club makes such mistake but there is one person responsible for it in the club(a woman in this case) and many people with different tasks plus thousands of supporters who suffer from it. They don't have to know the law in such detailed way. Including whole team. Is there justice in you opinion? Oh, you don't discuss with me. Forgot.
  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Like what? You've just written I'm am histerical, haven't you? So what's the point? I thought we were discussing like men.
  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Don't you see this decision is ridiculous? The law is to help, not to be used in such perfidious way. Well, people who advice others not to seek for conspiracy theories are usually among those who cheat. Are you? Don't tell me professional football is clear because it totally isn't. Why Legia weren't fined in another way if they absolutely could? That's a question. This is scandal. Nothing common with sport and fair play. How can you back such decision? You are a fan, not official. Aren't you? Unbelievable. I bet Celtic would rather be out after these two matches they were outclassed in. At least these people from Celtic who are sportsmen.
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Yeah? Is this sport? Celtic was destroyed on the pitch by Legia. It was one person's fault that one player was on the pitch for 3 LAST MINUTES when everything was clear. 6:1 for Legia. There are other possibilities to punish club for such mistake. But to have done it UEFA had to want it. If you still think it's not big deal there is no point to discuss. You know what? Money. This is the reason. I'm fed up with professional football now.
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Fair play has just been raped by the decision to throw Legia out of Champions League. I've read even Celtic's officials didn't want walkover. It was UEFA's own investigation. Scandal.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Depends on your needs. If you have strong defence I would choose Bale. Otherwise I would go for the duo. Taking Pique is risky because his quality seems to have dropped. On the other hand there is new coach in Barca and people expect positive changes. Marquinhos is very talented. Bale is a machine and he's potential is probably higher than Pique's and Marquinhos. But for now Pique is higher rated and there are no better defenders in SM(Ramos and T.Silva equal plus Busquets who is rather DM in real live) while you can find some higher rated players than Bale on his position(Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ribery, Robben) and several of equal rating e.g. Ozil, Muller, Di Maria, Reus, D.Silva. Good defenders are more difficult to buy than offensive players and that's why I'd choose the duo if your defence is not a rock.
  7. Re: The New Players Thread What do you mean?
  8. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread What can you say about John Swift? Talented enough to become a good senior player?
  9. Re: The New Players Thread John Swift has been added recently. Any opinions about this young player?
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Why Januzaj didn't play against Real and in previous games?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If you mean Bartra give someone else for Hulk. Bartra is good DC with chances for Barca first team.
  12. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I'd sell: Knoche, Oar, Veltman, Obiang, Zaldua, Amini, Good, Karius, GERHARDT, MANFRIN, KONGOLO, AKETXE, VLACHODIMOS, BO√čTIUS, BERNARDESCHI, BAKAYOKO, GIL, THOMAS, Silva for now, I sorted by age
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hi, I'd like to find out something more about Gedion Zelalem. How do you guys rate this boy? What are his chances to play in the first team during upcoming season?
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