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  1. Re: Interesting football earnings Swansea bought Miguel Michu for just 2M. Now they are planning to sell at 30M. Profit : 1500% lol!
  2. Re: Explaining the Falcao move to Monaco For me, It is just a rumor. Falcao said,'if u believe in these news, then I have signed for 5-6 clubs already'. lol
  3. Re: Iker Casillas and Valdes overrated No. It's vades who is over rated. Not casillas. Casillas is a Living Legend!
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread My prediction is 2-0 for FC Bayern. They really worth of it! They are deprived of this trophy last year where they were the better team..... But this year, It obviously Bayern who will be crowned. Dortmund are good but not enough for Bayern.
  5. Re: James Wilson - Man United starlet one of the young talents of Man Utd youth academy.... a wonderful Asset. They must utilize him
  6. Re: American Messi - Junior Flores Messi is the one and only! He will never be replaced by anyone. Thats for sure.
  7. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 The Old ladies are far away than the others... They should dominate the next 5-6 seasons easily. And all the credits go to their respected Antonio Conte. Superb Coach!
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 My prediction was Manchester United. and they did it! They really deserved and fergie is greatest of all time.... Miss him
  9. Re: JELAVIĆ or MARTÍNEZ Martinez clearly... Jelavic is so inconsistent. Jackson showed his quality & Skill in this season. But Jelavic was not shining throughout the whole season!
  10. Re: Eriksen For Fellaini? Obviously Eriksen. As Fellaini is not the main power player of Everton, whereas Eriksen is the life of Ajax. A youngster, younger than Fellaini. Hope Eriksen will come in UK and make himself best suited in the EPL condition....
  11. Re: jose enrique or de la bella??!! I'd prefer Jose of course. he has such a nice quality & skill. Crosses well....// and Suits well in the English condition.
  12. Re: Cavani or Falcao? It's Falcao for me/ in respect of his current form,age & title winning experience.....
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