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  1. Surely increased wages (due to a players increased market value) will have little effect on player hoarders.


    If a player hoarder has already hoarded to the point in which they have a well endowed team that they are content with...why would going into negative finances bother them?


    If a manager has already grabbed all the best players in a game world, they can sit pretty, even if increased wages damages their finances. They can go negative 1 million, 2 million...hell they could go negative 10 million...and I often have.


    ...it is only if they want to buy new players that it becomes a problem (because you have to be plus to table bids).

    I beg to differ.

    If anyone is hoarding they need to be dynamic and be able to change.

    My Oldham team is rather good, if I don't say so myself, but I've always relied on buying/selling risers and in oe from winning things (mainly the league as I wielded weak cup sides as my first team is strong, my reserves are weak!).

    I'm sure that whatever is in place that people are moaning about will take time to come to fruition but it's for the greater good.

    Rome wasn't built in a day.

  2. I suppose this could be a blessing in disguise? I've tried this new look but I really cannot get on with it, so come the 11th of January when the old skin is binned...again (it's evident they won't listen to requests to keep it) I will be leaving.

    I waste too much of my time on this game as it is, I'm not wasting more time on some rubbish buggy software that isn't as intuitive. I'm sure as hell not paying to be treated with contempt.

    Shame, It was nice while it lasted. Another example in life of someone fixing something that wasn't broken.

  3. I've been trying to get on with this now for 2 days but to no avail.

    I'd read a number of comments over the last few days but didn't want to check my 2 pence in before giving it a chance.

    I started playing this game almost 5 years ago (it will be 5 years in January) on a PC and now just play it via my iPhone on the desktop setting as it's intuitive and nice to use. This new one is ghastly, if this had been in place when I first played this, I wouldn't have lasted a day, let alone almost 5 years.

    I also hope that come January they retain the original desktop site as otherwise I won't be sticking around, it'll almost be like I've wasted hundreds of hours of my life on this.

    The simple answer is to vote with your wallets, it's the only thing that matters in a consumer driven service.

  4. Re: Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    James WARD-PROWSE 86 +1 > 87

    Muhamed BESIC 85 + 1 > 86

    Callum WILSON (Bournemouth) 82 +3 > 85

    Saido BERAHINO 86 + 2 > 88

    Nabil BENTALEB 85 + 2 > 87

    Do you agree? Thanks!


    I have Callum Wilson in a 100% managed GM. He shouldn't be an 85 when Charlie Austin is an 86. Nor should Berahino be rated above Austin.

  5. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread

    I think what I said hasn't been totally understood. What I am saying is that AvB was sacked for an equal season why should Mauricio stay? I am not exactly saying that Mauricio should be sacked because this is what he can achieve with this bang average Spurs side but AvB did the same and was sacked.

    A country mile of difference and for a 'neutral' I don't think AVB should have got the boot. AVB spent over £100m IIRC, Pochetino hasn't had that backing.

    Spurs are an odd club. Their player investment strategy seems bang on the money but they are often on the peripheral of 'pushing on' to top four but always fall short. You have to question if they had put their foot down on certain transfers if they could have managed that with regularity? Obviously hindsight is a beauty but they seem to keep doing the same things?

    They are, in my opinion, the perenial underachieving Premiership club when you look at the outlay/reward ratio but they have a good business model.

  6. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread

    Well the treatment they gave to Pardew' date=' they deserve this.

    Top drawer stuff by Pardew and has achieved even more then I expected him to.[/quote']

    I used to have a soft spot for Newcastle. As I'm sure many can agree, they were at one point my 'second team' but as soon as Pardew went to Palace I wanted them to stay up at the expense of Newcastle.

    It would be the ultimate 2 fingered salute to the second most 'entitled' fans in the country. Newcastle form is crap enough but I don't think any of the bottom 3 are capable of putting together s run to surpass them?

  7. Re: Who's finishing second?

    ManUre will be fourth at best. If the ***-army (my old man is a Spuds fan) or the work-shy hubcap thieves can put a run together they could take fourth at their expense?

    ManUre have City, Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea to play and they could conceivably lose them all. Plus Hull may be needing a result on their final game to stay up?

    I'd LOVE IT if ManUre didn't make top 4 AGAIN! LOL Especially after Van Gaal claimed they could still win the league the other week. He's obviously been in too many of those coffee shops in Amsterdam! :rolleyes:

  8. Re: Choosing between Alcantara, De Bruyne and Gundogan

    Thank you.

    I do like Thiago. If he was fit I'd have bought him but while he continues to go the season without playing he won't get a rise. Too many good players to go after man haha.

    Very true and half of the appeal of this 'game' is the ability to spot what is coming and about how risk averse you are? Granted, it is a game and as a debt collector/PI you could say I am Very prone to taking risks! LOL.

    I've had some initial 'rubs' with people on this forum but if the truth be known, they seem like a good bunch!

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