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  1. Re: Pop ups keep covering my search bar? Yeah, I use the desktop site via my iPhone on Safari and have similar problems. I've got some crap bar across my screen saying 'ID to join this Gameworld XXXX'!?! What use is that? I'm already in it. Someone has obviously been having a play with the system but I have lost all functionality, I cannot go into transfers, tactics, nothing!
  2. Re: Every Person's Dream I bloody love the fact that this tin pot ****** league is failing. The toss-piece running it couldn't manage a ****. PMSL. Glad you saved new waste of my time, how do is take the 'alerts' off? Why was the latter part of my post deleted?
  3. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions De Sciglio for a 90? I'm in 2 minds - he seems to be very prone to injury but when available is 1st choice LB for Italy.
  4. Re: What determines a players 'value' to a bidding club? Yes, his top 4 would be; Ivanovic 92 Azpilicueta 91 Howedes 90 Srna 90 Mine would be; Juanfran 91 Westermann 90 De Sciglio 89 - though is my 1st choice D(L) Kvist 88 To put it into more perspective, I have a total of 9 players who are 90+ rated.
  5. As per title, I am very confused by this. My 'belief' is the higher your TOP rated player is, the less value lower rated players are, or the more players you have in a specific position the less value any player you are going for would have, as they are naturally not as important to you? Is it just pot luck? Looks like I have yet again missed out on a player at an external club in a VERY competitive WC as a team whose best player is also rated 94 like mine, has been able to bid £300k more than I could!?! I wouldn't mind but for the fact the other person already has 141 players in his team, including 11 goalkeepers. Who the hell needs 11 goalkeepers? To add insult to injury, the player I wanted as a potential future right back the other team already has 25, yes 25, people who can play D®. Seriously flawed. Like any player in their right mind would join a club with THAT level of competition for places!?! What The ****?
  6. Have SM predicted the future as he is down as 'retiring at the end of the season' in the game worlds I'm in. Unless his conviction is overturned I think that will be the case as he can't even go abroad!
  7. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Should I have registered as 'better than cocknose?' LOL
  8. Re: Every Person's Dream Never joined a custom game world, I take it everyone starts as a free agent and you 'bid' on the players you want? Could i get involved? If so, could I have Parma?
  9. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Got Eden Hazard in a few weeks back and now I've managed to get Diego Costa (93) and Ezequial Garay (91) in exchange for Mesut Ozil (94). Well happy with that deal as I think Ozil has been a flop for Arsenal and should drop, Costa will be 94 by the seasons end and has scope to go higher if consistent for a few seasons. If Garay moves to the red scum (ManUre) in January then he's a solid 91! Quite happy with my team considering the starting 11 I had when I took them on. Bit on the old side but some interesting youth prospects too - De Sciglio, Sakho, Gnabry, Alcacer, Suarez, Traore etc.
  10. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken? I have only ever had 1 deal reversed and as you say, that was in a competitive GW - WC10000. Those deals seem very fair. Suarez heading for a rise, Falcoa treading water due to injury and needing to substantiate his current rating with a riser, Draxler, as a sweeter. Ramos (joint highest rated defender) for an older utility central midfield player plus Nastasic (stalled talent) and cash!?! They need to sort their stuff out. IP logs are the main thing, they just don't seem prepared, or able, to perform them and common sense doesn't apply.
  11. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken? We are all being treated with contempt. In a nutshell, they do not give a flying hoot as long as the cheats are paying to use the game. The simple answer to this is to vote with your wallets and stop paying to use the service. I will happily pay to use a service until I realise that my money isn't respected in which case I would rather use that service in a fashion that costs the provider money for me to use - as a freeloader. There is blatant cheating going on in a game world I am in. I have reported the transfers in question twice to no avail, the person has even admitted to cheating via the messaging facility when I tackled them on it. What happened then? The PM vanishes from my inbox, removing that evidence and brushing it under the carpet. The person in question, Abdi Saputra, took over Manchester United on the 21st of September. On the same day another three people (also conveniently from Indonesia, one of which has the same surname) sign up as managers of Fulham, Sunderland and Aston Villa. The other 3 teams then proceed to sign the lesser players for vastly inflated sums - Ferdinand £11m, Cleverly £23m, Kagawa £32m. Then today another Abdi Saputra joins up with Peterborough and bids a whopping £61m for Van Persie!?! It's not a vastly competitive game world, my Liverpool team are unbeaten for almost 30 matches. I have a strong first team but as soon as any of my starting 11 get injured or suspended my next best player is only 82 rated. Many of the top players are at external clubs. Off the back of the dodgy dealings above the cheat has used the funds to buy Ronaldo. In a game world where top players are at external clubs, alarm bells should be ringing when people would rather sign Kagawa than a 95/96 rated player. What will become of this? Sweet FA (I do not mean Football Association). Even IF they reverse those deals, it's still freed up funds for them to buy Ronaldo (from an external club) which cannot be reported!?!?! Disgusted. I even PM'd a Dev a few days back and was ignored completely. I have PM'd them again and made sure I ticked read receipt and have it in my sent items. If it's ignored again I shall screen grab that and post it on here. As a Union rep I will not let this rest. The fact he had the audacity to acknowledge cheating in a PM and it vanishing is completely unacceptable.
  12. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread LOL. Yeah, I used your deal as a negotiating point as I think Bale will end up being a 95 by Christmas, 96 by the end of the season. Plus I was skint so needed some cash. LOL
  13. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread WARNING! EDIT: Resolved, he finally took some man pills, apologised and acknowledge the deal that was agreed.
  14. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread
  15. Re: Taking over team and selling everyone to unmanaged Here are my thoughts; 1) It isn't a problem I have encountered but I am sure it is frustrating. 2) Cheats are not dealt with (Madadi in WC10000 being a prime example). Granted his 'spoof family member accounts' get transfers reversed when dealing with each other but are free to deal with other people. 3) Appointing moderators is a VERY dangerous path to take, SMFA will back their 'team'. As a previous forum ***** on many sites, mainly based around car modification or stock-market trading, I will say that ANYONE who puts themselves forward is a danger, if they are power-crazed, bitter, a narcissist etc. I can genuinely 110% say that in a decade of forum use, encountering hundreds of mods/admin etc, many in face to face scenarios, that there is only 1 single person who I would say has faultless integrity and could not be called into question over moderating. He happens to use these boards. He also happens to be a busy guy and doesn't get to deal with his team(s) as often as he would like due to work commitments. It wouldn't be fair to ask someone in that position to take on more responsibility as it would upset his work/lifestyle balance. Likewise, if someone spends a LOT of time on here, I would question why their life revolves around a game and I think their unhealthy interest makes them a prime candidate to bend the rules. I should point out that I am a Union Representative. I like fairness and equality for people, unfortunately doing the role does cost me a fortune each year (loss of earnings) and that is why, on the whole, it keeps the desire pure. If being a rep meant any of us could personally benefit it would cast serious questions on us. That in itself is why moderators are a bad idea. P.S. That isn't a nicely worded pitch. I have no desire to moderate forums. Been there, done it, got the t-shirt.
  16. Re: CR to 99 Messi to 98 Oh, another thing. This topic is HUGELY misleading, the topic is asking if Ronaldo should be a 99 whilst Messi is dropped to a 98 but the poll is ONLY asking if Ronaldo should be a 99? My job revolves around statistics and facts so a thread with such flaws can only be described as ill thought out, ignorant and misleading. You cannot ask a question then put up an ambiguous poll. Crazy!?! On the basis the link between the question and the poll are as polar opposite as an ice cream cone and a terraced house in Burkina Faso I voted no as it's ******** by default.
  17. Re: CR to 99 Messi to 98 This has been done to death and is getting VERY boring. I can see why Ronaldo isn't a 99 to be honest, I have both players via various game Worlds but if I was asked who I would rather have, there is only 1 answer to that question, for me anyway. It's a game of hierarchy and whilst I won't care if Ronaldo gets a 99, I won't bat an eye lid if he stays at 98. If Ronaldo gets a 99, you have a void down to Iniesta at 97 (which I would question far more). They are, by a distance, the 2 stand out players in the World currently, after that it's Suarez and Bale for me. (95) and (94). I hope you get my point?
  18. Re: Biggest players on the game Zigic is the obvious one!
  19. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 Milos Veljkovic doesn't seem to have been taken? Pop him down as my nomination if that's ok? EDIT: Scratch that. I will opt for Robert Muric, not yet on the database!
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