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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep Draxler
  2. Re: Danny Welbeck In the future certainly will exceed the 90
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Checkin the hot chicks!!! Phil, who are you doing? xD :D:D
  4. Re: Pepe and Azpilicueta for Vidal? Not at all!
  5. Hello guys, Do not you believe there are meager rewards? I won the championship, and I gained only 3.5 M. I think SM should review the financial system, what do you think?
  6. Re: Pepe and Azpilicueta for Vidal? Vidal will have +1 / +2. Vidal, 94+ will be in the future
  7. Re: Pepe and Azpilicueta for Vidal? Azpilicueta. 92 or 93
  8. Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please? I always use the 5-3-2 and I get great results.
  9. Re: Pepe and Azpilicueta for Vidal? Get Vidal, will have +1 / +2
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cavani is better than Higuain
  11. Re: Where are you based in the Forum? I'm mostly in the gameworld threads.
  12. Re: xavi drop? you're having a laugh! I think he had to remain stable.
  13. Re: Best Signing : Isco or Neymar Isco is a fantastic player, but Neymar is better than Isco.
  14. Re: The Official Serie A Thread What do you think about Pogba? I think it is a fantastic, young player.
  15. Re: Hello, new member! Welcome to the forum.
  16. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Yes, he has a good chance to climb to 92
  17. Re: World club cup 2013 I'm present I would like Barcelona
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