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  1. Re: Same rating and pos but who is better? To say Gerrard is overrated cos he plays in a worse team is ridiculous. Having Xavi playing around the likes of Iniesta and have an endless number of quality options upfront allows him to look better. Iniesta is class, pure class. Villa is overrated. Hes always looking towards to goal from ridiculous range and whilst playing for spain never actively seeking out Torres. Comparing him to Eto and Torres. Deserves 94 Puyol is ****. Spain as a team are extremely overrated, with such a huge pool of class to choose from they're first XI waste soo many opportunities and are lacking defensive capabilities.
  2. Re: More SM Rep for Managing 'less desireable' teams I had a simliar idea recently and sent a suggestion to sm but havent had any response. My idea was that when you take over a club your chairman says what he expects to be accomplished that season. Say u take over Man united in english competition it could be 'I expect a top four finish and to make a semi final in one of the cups'. If u achieve this u earn X rep points and if u do better than this you earn more rep points respective to how much better you do and if you do worse than this the less rep points u recieve. So the worse team you take over the better the potential for more rep points. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=26306
  3. Re: Players abilities- 6 basic for all I reckon snowy's version of player abilities is a must. I am Australian and it is practically impossible for me to watch european matches apart from the occasional premier league match. By adding player abilities to the players u will be able to better customise your team and develop your own unique style by showing different styles of CM's and CF's and then choose which one best suites your style of play. At the moment i might have to CM's and neither being good at passing without me knowing. Who has the time to watch dozens of different matches each week to see what abilities each of your players has.
  4. Re: Reputation I don't know how to send a 'ticket'. But I had an idea linking with this one. I thought that since you will be able to see who the better managers are you could occasionly hold a 'World Cup' and a country Euro comp. But these positions are exsclusive and can are only offered the the highest repped active managers of that country. So say u hold a world cup, you offer the job of managing the Australian team to the best Australian managers and the best English manager manages the English Side.. And same with every other country. You could also include qualifying and other stuff. Once again its a rough idea and im just throwing it out there, if u dont like it just throw it right back.
  5. Re: Reputation Ye thats exactly it. U get a certain amount of points for meeting expectancy and the better than expected u do the more points u get the worse than expected you do the less points you get. The only reason im suggesting this is because i think the current reputation system doesn't represent any type of skill but merely show that the player has been playing soccer manager for a long time.
  6. At the moment repuation just shows how long that manager has been playing for; with recieving a point each week. This doesn't really show how good a manager is and doesn't give them 'reputation'. I had an idea to changed the reputation system where u can earn reputation points by playing well. At first i thought rep points per certain amounts of wins but that would create an even more demand the top clubs and leave countless lesser clubs unmanaged. Then I thought you could recieve rep points for how well you perform in relation to the previous season (incase of the first season how they finished in real life or in cases such as world champs how they are ranked on the favourite clubs page). If u stay the same u recieve X amount of points and for every place above that u recieve X points and if u go negative places you loose points. So if someone finished 8th one season the 1st the next they would recieve a good amount of points but if someone finished 1st one season then dropped to 12 they would recieve next to no points. In cases where more than one manager has managed a team the rep points can be distributed according to games managerd amoung the managers that have managed for than say 10 games. I reckon this would create a greater competition. If this does happen i believe there should be a 'High Scores Page' for managers with the most reputation. This would again create a greater competition and managers who are Gold Members would be alot more likely to appear on these pages as they can manage alot more clubs. This will help people feel more encourage to buy Gold Members and allow more money for SM to put back into creating a greater Soccer manager game. Thanks for your time, if this has been proposed before sorry, just thought it would be a good idea to help improve the game. Give us your thoughts.
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