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  1. SM Worlds Improvement Suggestion: Day 1 Implement Wage Cap as a Gameworld owner. Benefits: 1) Prevents talent hoarding Implementation: 1) Enable it as an option in Admin tab 2) Do not allow transfers (similar to when club budget is below 0) once Total Squad wage is above a certain amount 3) Chairman notifies manager when Total wage after player contract renewals exceeds Wage Cap #noticemeSMsenpai
  2. Good evening! Please allow muting news such as “winning streak record broken” because it gives a clue to the outcome of my match before I’ve viewed it.. thank you!
  3. I noticed that Long Shots are an attribute that used to be part of tactics; what happened to them? I asked because recently I had two centerbacks score belters against my team. Can we bring that back?
  4. Do you guys think that player attributes should matter in the engine? I feel that composure and dead ball skills should matter, especially when ratings between squads are close
  5. Good evening! Please allow Gameworld owners to kick or ban managers that break Gameworld rules. Thank you!
  6. I still love it too 😭 I think it is the only reason I keep track of results from leagues outside the Big 5; I read plenty of scouting reports too and the only way to “put my money where my mouth is” is in this game 😂
  7. I’d be heartbroken if they did.. I have entire WhatsApp groups dedicated for this game that has discussions stemming from 2013
  8. Good morning! Please allow Gameworld owners to control the number of players allowed in a squad please. Thank you and hope SM19 is going well.
  9. Good evening all. I am going to go out on a limb here by attempting something more drastic in the hopes of gaining the attention of the developers - at least to get some engagement out of them anyway. Every 2 days, I’ll be posting some minor proposal (a one or two-liner) to improve the game. I’ll add a post to the pinned “Improvements” Thread as well as making a new topic of my own. It might be irrelevant or trivial to some, but please support my cause by just giving a one-line answer, or a simple “Yes, please” would do. Looking forward to start conversation with anyone wh
  10. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 What a relief to see Sam Gallagher move up...
  11. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 May I kindly put my entry in of Sam Gallagher please? Berbacat
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