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  1. Re: Garvock's Worlds Hi Jim Can I have the Kaiser Chiefs in World's Collide 1? I'm Andrew CS (Celtic in All British Championship).
  2. Re: It has become impossible to make transfers Couldn't find a thread of its own on this, so this seemed the next best place... but, when did BOT teams start rejecting offers? I've seen several teams, in all three of my GWs rejecting on-value, or even value+ offers. Not decided if this is good or bad yet - just new... and once again, it'd seem, no announcement. It just happened.
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: New Finances (Loans / Contracts)
  4. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) I'm another 'anti' I'm afraid. What exactly is wrong with a squad size cap? If that's what this is aimed at, use the best tool - stop trying to second guess or "make things more difficult for..." just put on a squad size cap. Boom. Problem solved. As has been said 'big teams' will still circumvent these new rules. They'll still farm players, possibly even more to fund the wages they'll now have to pay. And if anything was wrong with the loan system it is BOT teams putting loan bids in for EVERY player on the loan list. How realistic is that? So they t
  5. Re: Sm the wages of players on loan from shared between the two clubs This does seem a bit bonkers - and I too am pretty annoyed to have only found out about this AFTER my chairman started waving around bumper Pay-rises. I WAS going to say "bumper contracts" but the eejit JUST gives them a pay-rise without even extending the term. Odd. I see that this has come from a good place, presuming it's aimed at fighting the monster-squad hoarders. However, coupling it with the 'chairman gives out pay-rises' thing is a bit silly. In some of my GWs I manage my players 'concerns' and finances really c
  6. Re: Jamie Vardy Found this thread as I'm baffled by his latest rise. I've had Vardy since his Fleetwood days. I patiently waited for his rise from 68. It was a small one, so I hung tight - he was scoring goals in the Championship so sure to rise again I thought. He's now had that next rise... to 78. I mean... what the?!? He's played 30 games in a play-off chasing side. He could be in the Premier League next season... but 78? Basically a decent League One player? I despair. I've got Jack King (Preston), Bell-Baggie (Tranmere) who are in a similar situation. Is there some sort of adjustment
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