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  1. Do you think he will definitely get a +1 next change even with Dortmond struggling so much in the Bundesliga this season? And who are some other Bundesliga players that will most likely see a rise soon?
  2. Re: Lahm Carvajal is already taken in this league. Lahm for 15m James and Max Meyer seems good to me?
  3. Would you sell Lahm for James Rodriguez and 15.2 mil? I have boateng and Varane to slide over to RB but I know I can get more for Lahm.
  4. Re: Who to get? Okay thanks guys, I would rather have 2 players with more potential than Pedro who pretty much is maxed out.
  5. Okay so I have 18 mil and I could get Rakitic and Shaqiri to add to my team. I do need some midfield depth. But I could also splurge for Pedro who is only valued at 14 and would jump to 20 with a move to my team. What should I do?
  6. Ive seen that he has been getting some playing time at Arsenal and is only rated 82, do you think he will rise in the next review?
  7. Who are some young and promising strikers that will be rising soon in the next review? I already have Lukaku and Origi but I want more depth. Thanks in advance!
  8. Which young CB will most likely be the next 90? Marquinos Aurier Martinez, Inigo Zouma Umtiti Laporte Ginter Doria
  9. Re: Who will be the best youngsters of 2014/2015 Meyer, Shaw, Calhanoglu, Zivkovic
  10. Hey guys I have about 13mil to spend and I would like to see if I could sap up some young players that are in the low 80's right now. Who would you suggest? Right now I dont have any glaring need on my team.
  11. I have some left over cash and would like to add some depth to my team. Who would be some cheaper younger players that have promising futures that will rise in the future. I have about 10M to play with. Thanks in advance!
  12. Re: Young Goalkeepers Im torn between Rulli and Bardi. Which would has most potential for a jump off point bc right now I have a 80 GK who is old.
  13. Other than the known keepers like Leno, Ter-Stegen, Courtois and De Gea. Who are some other young keepers with decent potential. I got a project team with a GK rating of 80 and would really like a building block at that spot.
  14. Re: Looking for Striker Thanks guys! I agree, Lukaku has been doing great on loan at Everton!
  15. My options are Lukaku, Javier Hernandez, Siem De Jong, Hueng Min-Son. Who has the most potential and is worth it in the long run?
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