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  1. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? I got thorgan for 720k, but wouldn't be surprised if he is never as highly rated as Eden. I bought Lewis young over 2 years ago who was supposedly better than ashley! But now 21 he is still only rated 72!
  2. Re: Keep/sell Mats Rits? Thank you!
  3. Bought in 2009 for 500k. Has risen +2 to 77 since then. Have had an offer of £2m. Is he likely to rise in the near future?
  4. Re: Daniel Opare Any chance of further rise in the near future?
  5. Re: Juanfran Moreno - Real Madrid's Pedrito Is he still worth hanging on to? only played a few mins all season I believe.
  6. I've had Hamsik in my squad for a couple of years. He does not get into my first team, so wondered if its time to sell? I dont need the cash, but he may become unhappy, so could use to swap for a younger player e.g. Mario Gotze I understand clubs like Man Utd and Chelsea are being linked with him, but is this likely or just media rumors? I believe he signed a 5 year contract about 18months ago, so could be expensive? It looks like Napoli will qualify for the Champions League next season also, so If he stays at Napoli is there any chance of a rise?
  7. Re: Wales vs England, 26th March 2011 Are tickets avaliable yet? I've had a quick look on millenium staduim web page, but cant find them.
  8. I manage spurs in a custom setup, and have one of the best squads in the league. My last game was against Napoli, which I thought was a good game for me to pick up points due to their recent form. Napoli have lost thier last 9 games, with the last few, a couple of 10-1 defeats,a 7-2, 6-1and 5-1. The sqad has 21 players, and have played the same 11 players for a while. All of their players were max 30% fit before the game, except for one on about 70% and keeper 100% and average rating of 89/90 I played 4-1-3-2 attacking which has worked well against other teams. Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Piqu
  9. Re: Best LB under 25 What about Luis Filipe from Athletico Madrid?
  10. Re: Help with good goal scoring strikers not too expensive Gilardino seems to be best for me. I also have messi, aguero, higuain and pato, but gilardino scores the most goals, and always seem to get a rating of 8,9 or 10!
  11. I have managed a team in a custom game world for a couple of years, and have built up quite a large squad. The game world manager has just changed the rules for the new season, with the economy level set to 'Poor Economy' How does this effect the game/squad?
  12. Re: New Players added after site maintainance Thanks Bornich
  13. After a few days away I see new players have started being added to DB again. There were a few players I have been keeping an eye out for, but dont know who was added on first day back after site maintainance. I can see Dedryck Boyata of Man City is one, But what other players who have potential were added? Thanks.
  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Lass Diarra + 10-15m = Mascherano? I have Lass Diarra. Barcelona manager has offered me cash for him, which I rejected. He has Mascherano. I'm thinking of putting in the above bid. But even if it is accepted is it a good deal for me? Lass Diarra has just risen and my rise more in the future. Can Masherano go any higher at liverpool, or even keep 94 on current form?
  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Keep or sell? 1. Aleksandr PRUDNIKOV 2. Ben SAHAR
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