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  1. Hey everybody, just started a single player campaign with Napoli. I would like some input on the current squad, who to sell & please name 3 to 5 young risers for each position to add. The squad is below. Thanks in advance everybody! Goalkeeper Cabral Rafael Mariano Andujar Antonio Rosati Roberto Colombo Defense Camilo Zuniga Faouzi Ghoulam Raul Albiol Miguel Britos Buss Henrique Kalidou Koulibaly Christian Maggio Giandomenico Mesto Daniele Donnarumma Giuseppe Nicolao Daniele Celiento Emanuele Allegra Midfield Gokhan Inler Walter Gargano David Lopez Josip Radosev
  2. Hey guys, need help replacing two players I just sold, & want to reinvest in some young riser prospects. Players I need to replace, as in the title, are Gary Cahill & Claudio Marchisio. So I need a D © & a DM ©, M ©, AM ©. The midfielder doesn't need to be able to play all three tho, I can make it work without one, or maybe two playable positions. Any advice on riser prospects at these positions?
  3. Re: Looking for players at Wingback & Attacking Mid For the team that I need the wingbacks: 44M The other team: 25M.
  4. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Discussion Thread Hey all! I'll save you the problem of pasting my whole article I wrote here & just give you group & knockout predictions. Time stamp of it is: June 5, 2014 at 2:22pm Group A Winner: Brazil Runner Up: Croatia 3rd: Mexico 4th: Cameroon Group B: Winner: The Netherlands Runner Up: Spain 3rd: Chile 4th: Australia Group C: Winner: Columbia Runner Up: Ivory Coast 3rd: Greece 4th: Japan Group D: Winner: Italy Runner Up: Uruguay 3rd: England 4th: Costa Rica Group E: Winner: France Runner Up: Switzerland 3rd: E
  5. Hey everybody, I need some transfer help. I've got two teams & looking for different positions. For one team, I need a few, young risers at Wingback, either left or right. For the other team I need a few, young riser, attacking midfield suggestions. Any names & help with this is welcome. Thanks guys!
  6. Re: Need help with my squad of the new team Thank you for the help Ben C. Do you have recommendations on risers to buy with the cash acquired from the sales of players? If you or anyone else could list at least 4 per position that would be appreciated, or as many as you can. Thanks.
  7. Hey everybody, just switched to a new team in the game world I'm apart of. I wish to sell some of the older players for younger risers to be able to capitalize on the money they will be worth later on. I have to add some players to keep to squad above 21, but these transfers can be made in the future. Any help on who to sell & who to buy to replace who is to be sold would be a HUGE help. Try to list 3 or 4 risers to purchase at each position. Thanks everybody in advance, squad listed below: Goalkeeper: David De Gea Mattia Perin (signing by me) Defenders: Raphael Varane Gary Cahill
  8. Hey fellas, any idea what the riser threshold is for Arkadiusz Milik? I'm been watching him for awhile now but was curious, how much do you think he'll raise? What is his ceiling? Thanks guys.
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some help with tactics, & maybe figure out where I'm going wrong. Ok, for a while I'm been running a 4-4-1-1 & went on a winning streak but the past few months I can't seem to gain a rhythm. It should be noted that I'm in a league with a lot of unmanaged teams. If someone could possibly point out where I may be mis-stepping I'd appreciate it. My tactics are as follows: 4-4-1-1 Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks Tempo: Fast Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack Tight Marking Use
  10. Hey guys, would like some squad advice, any help is appreciated. GK: Simon Mignolet GK: Laurentiu Branescu D: Mauricio Isla D: Loris Nery D: Matija Nastasic D: Serge Aurier D: Benjamin Stambouli D: Alin Buleica D: Viktor Pasin M: Oscar Sileva M: Lance Watson M: Marouane Fellani M: Dries Mertens M: Alen Stevanovic M: Predrag Stevanovic M: Lorenzo Insigne F: Edinson Caviani F: Andy Carroll F: Aron Johannsson F: Cristian Tello
  11. Ok guys, I've had Andy Carroll for 2 years tomorrow on February 2nd, hoping that he would go somewhere. Seeing now that he won't, I'm looking for a young forward riser to play next to Cavani or to sit on the bench for the future. Any player names will be considered. Thanks.
  12. Re: Goalkeeper Advice For now I picked up Rui Patrico but also put in a bid for Mattia Perin for the future. Thanks fellas!
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