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  1. They both seem in excellent form this year and could be a nice gamble?
  2. What are they playing at? is there anywhere you can go to try and get ratings changed?
  3. How is he not a 90 yet? Ive held onto him for ages waiting for his +1 but it's still not come. Shall i sell or keep? Will he ever rise?
  4. Shall i sell Gino Peruzzi? he has had two rises and has now ended up at Catania Calcio, however he is still an Argentinian international
  5. Re: Sell Muller for these! Will he rise to 94 soon?
  6. I have Muller and have been offered Ashley young, Mkhitaryan , Van Ginkel and Diego Costa of athetico madrid. Shall i accept this?
  7. How much maximum would you bid for this player? I have arranged an 11million pound bid but is he worth paying his wages if he doesnt go up again for years? Any help lads!
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