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  1. Name: Marko Mihojević Born: 21 April 1996, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina Club: FK Sarajevo Position: CB/DM National team: Bosnia and Herzegovina U - 19 Rating on SM: 79 Marko Mihojević started his career in local Leotar Trebinje and debuted in Bosnian Premier league in season 2012/2013, as one of youngest players. FK Sarajevo bought three most talented players of Leotar. In 2013, they signed Cimirot, one year later Mihojević and Anđušić(1996, striker). Till 2015 Mihojević played for U - 19 team of Sarajevo, but coach Meho Kodro(former player of Barcelona) decided to put his name in
  2. Re: Kerim Memija Now in the datebase, rated 72, position CB:rolleyes: He was CB in youth football, but till now, he played RB/RM on senior level.
  3. Name: Kerim Memija Born: 01.06.1996. Club: FK Željezničar National team: Bosnia and Herzegovina U - 19 Position: Right Back/Right Midfielder Status on SM: Still not in the datebase Kerim Memija is the product of Željezničar football club(as Edin Džeko). In season 2014/2015 he started playing for first team. He is also regular starter for Bosnia and Herzegovina U - 19 team. Memija was chosen as player of the month by Željezničar fans for October 2014. He is the only football player nominated for Bosnia and Herzegovina "best young athlete" award for 2014. Goal at 4:45 OTZ4N2U5Z2k Ass
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I want to sell those Porto players, is some of them worth to keep? - Andre Silva - Ricardo Pereira - Luis Rafa - Tomas Podstawski - Pinheiro Toze Thank you.
  5. Name: Gojko Cimirot Born: 19.12.1992 Height: 176 cm Club: FK Sarajevo Position: Defensive Midfilder National team: Bosnia and Herzegovina Rating on SM: 80 Gojko Cimirot was born in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started his carrer in local club Leotar. He spent some time on loan in lower division club Mladost Gacko. After good performances in Bosnian Premier league for Leotar, and also for Bosnia and Herzegovina U21 national team, Cimirot in July 2013 signed for FK Sarajevo. He soon gained a reputation as best DM in the league, and with Haris Duljević and Samir Radovac he makes ve
  6. Re: Samir Radovac Great season for him so far, one of Sarajevo best players, and after U17, U18 and U19, he will now play for U21 national team. And he is just 18. Radovac is some sort of midfield allrounder, can play DM, CM and AM.
  7. Baton

    Amer Gojak

    Re: Amer Gojak In this season, he plays for Olimpik but as Dinamo player. At 0 : 23 you can see his free kick goal in new season: D5KKha5vGrk
  8. Re: Haris Duljević-remember the name He is playing very well in FK Sarajevo Nice goal in league: gvR1Tn9V0Wo Goal tonight against Borussia Monchengladbach in qualification for Europa League: lU0zyqfDvdI
  9. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread If we consider fact that even Australia starting 11 is full of players that probably no one outside Australia never heard about, it wasn't so bad. But it's a World Cup, most of teams are extremely motivated and can create damage, remember New Zealand with even weaker players than Australia on last World Cup.
  10. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread And I'm glad for him' date=' his scoring skills with head are world class, he is like Jan Koller, just short. But still, Australia is awful team and they would not make it from European qualifications. [YOUTUBE']LncKFY-w7jg[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Re: Andrej Modic Him left, Amer Gojak in the middle and Mićo Kuzmanović at right, three pretty talented guys from Bosnia and Herzegovina U - 19 team. Andrej play for Bosnia, while his brother Mihael plays for Serbia, we will see what will happen in future. Andrej is decent young midfilder, but I'm not so sure is he world class potential.
  12. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Non European officials make mistakes just because they don't know better. European are even worse, they can do their job well, but they make deliberate mistakes.
  13. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread So today is the day for first player of my fantasy team, Herrera from Mexico. Later Bravo and Isla from Chile.
  14. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Brasil really suck. If they do something on this World Cup, it would be because they are playing it home. If this World Cup is played somewhere in Europe, they would not pass the group stage.
  15. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread According to www.mlssoccer.com analysis, those are tallest and shortest teams on World Cup: Tallest 1. Germany 2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 3. Belgium Shortest 1. Chile 2. Japan 3. Euador
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