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  1. Re: the next 90+ players that are 88 or less Hernandez? he could go 90 in first 86>88 second could be a 88>89/90 but he should be at least 89 by the end of the season (it all depends on game time and goals though)
  2. Re: MAZOLA, Arruda bought him in my team awsell for 10k a few day back must have been the best 10k ever spent, now he's worth 1.5million
  3. Re: Which Goalkeeper? I would do a random pick between Gomes and Diego Alves, but i'd try n get Gomes more due to him having the chance of champs league football with tottenham, so he could rise if tottenham do well (as he is there number 1) maybe Gomes will get a 91. Alves is good but gomes will be a better chance for a rise. Marchetti would be my 3rd option as he is nw Italy's 1st choice keeper while buffon recovers Apart from Butt and Weise i know nothing about the others, sorry.
  4. Re: Need to sell a striker but which one?? 1. Sell Grafite and Trezuguet (use that money to get a better striker e.g. Dzeko, Falcao, Lopez, etc. U can get lopez from around 14million im sure) 2. Accept the offer for Milito of Schweinsteiher and Defoe, try and ask for some money (about 5-10mill) 3.Keep ibra and drogba, and you done, You now have sold 3 players and got 3 more. including some extra cash ****SELL TREZUGUET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND STAY AWAY FROM HIM, NO QUALITY LEFT AND WILL KEEP DROPPING******
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Auxerre over Milan? I love the unknown teams that come into the champions league, last year it was Rubin when they shocked Barca at the nou camp now theres about 4 new teams ; Partizan, Buraspor, Zulina, Tel Aviv that are hardly known about. We might see a few more shockers. (Hopefully not from Buraspor though:p)
  6. Re: terry or vidic? Long term i'd say Pique as he should be 96 and one of the best defenders in the world in 2 years time. Short term it would have to be Vidic
  7. Re: need a 90+ cm and also a 90+ cb For Cm; -Khedira; just moved to real madrid a few weeks back and might get good first team appearances he's only 21 and already a german regular in their team, he's a good choice. -Hamsik 91 AM/CM; Good player for napoli but might need to move somewhere else to get 92+ -Gourcuff 92 AM/CM; Was linked with arsenal before and is a regular for international, he bordeaux's best player but would also need to move somewhere better go go up to 93. For CB -Kjaer 90 CB; Just joined wolfsburg, he's a real talent could rise in future. -Koscieny 88 CB; I know hes
  8. Re: Best Left Back around Also you could try for Badstuber 88, he had a good season with munich last yeart and could get into the 90's with a good season again this year. Bale is another good choice, depending on what spurs do in the champs league
  9. Re: Goran Pandev? Way too early in season to judje player ratings, inter just got a new coach maybe he will play a diferent style so he may play pandev a lot or hardly at all
  10. Re: Davids Is Back! Ah yes i see, i never bothered to check by the club way, is that the highest rating he can have whilst playing in the championship?
  11. Re: Davids Is Back!
  12. Re: William Gallas Joining Spurs maybe west ham n fulham next seeing as he really wants to stay in london
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