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  1. need new managers please join .
  2. need new managers only two left don't want it to close anyone want to join it .
  3. another reason to hate facebook
  4. only two of us left can some people join please .
  5. i agree i lost a world i was in recently too i had a good team and won was told it was being closed and i also have another saying the same with two players left i don't know whats happened but it seems the game isnt as popular as used to be for whatever reason .
  6. should be 88 or 89 now why is he still at 85 a joke sm
  7. well if neuer is 96 de gea should be the same or 95
  8. will he get a rise soon he has not had one for over a year
  9. who should i sell from that list i have to many midfielders i was thinking of selling khedira for 35m but not sure really
  10. who has the better potential i have both players might swap one and cash in a deal just wonder who i should use
  11. will he rise to 91 soon should be 90 at least
  12. could he rise to 92 soon?
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