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    I'm a BIG basketball fan, Chicago Bull/Derrick Rose then comes football and my only love Borussia!
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    All kind of sports, Crosswords, Technology...
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  1. Which player can get better? Who should I buy?
  2. Re: Players going on loan Well you would still need 21 players at your own club without the loaned players counting...with the wages I see your point, I think it could be like 3-5 have 50% and any next has a bigger % or ale after the 3-5 player have a 75% pay from the club they are loaned to.
  3. I have a suggestion about that. If you have a big club you can loan out as much players as you can, but if you take a league 4 club (in my case Hajduk Split) because you just love it and want to play with it you can get only 3 players on loan to you. I cant buy much players and cant improve the team other ways for now, I can buy maximal 3 youngsters and that's it. Because of that I'm suggesting that you can get more than just 3 players on loan. 1) You cant get players better than 89-90 so it does not pay off to cheat that way for anyone 2) Small teams can start rebuilding better and getting some money, maybe even buying the players 3) If needed make a tabel of how many players can get on loan to a team compared to the teams value. Because 3 players on loan isn't very helpful for a long season.
  4. BENTEKE, Christian What is his potential how good can he become? VOLLAND, Kevin And Vollands?
  5. HOFMANN, Jonas KRAMER, Christoph LEITNER, Moritz Which of these 3 players is the best buy? Order them please from 1 and down to 3.
  6. Is it worth giving upo Gündogan for Sterling?
  7. What is his future, how good can he become?
  8. What is the future of the two players above? Should I keep them or sell them?
  9. Re: Robert Lewandowski VS Edinson Cavani Lewandowski all the way, but if livepool could get Cavani it would be interesting, but they got Balotelli so the Cavani deal wont happen. Short said, keep Lewandowski!
  10. GRIEZMANN, Antoine RODRÍGUEZ, James SCHÜRRLE, André VERRATTI, Marco DRAXLER, Julian MKHITARYAN, Henrik which 2 of those are the best option to buy?
  11. Re: Benatia or Godin or Pepe or Bender or Badstuber or Miranda It's down to these 3 players, looking at the price and skill what is the best option? Pepe, Sakho or Benatia?
  12. Hey guys that is my last questin I think for a while and there is some opinion needed. Which of those players on the list are worth buying and wich have not such good potential? GRIEZMANN, Antoine DRAXLER, Julian ERIKSEN, Christian STERLING, Raheem IMMOBILE, Ciro AURIER, Serge LAPORTE, Aymeric KOVAČIĆ, Mateo XHAKA, Granit OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex MARKOVIC, Lazar UMTITI, Samuel BATSHUAYI, Michy MORATA, Álvaro MEYER, Max DEULOFEU, Gerard GORETZKA, Leon RAFINHA, Alcántara DEPAY, Memphis HAZARD, Thorgan NIANG, M'baye ORIGI, Divock ADAMA, Traoré BAKKALI, Zakaria BRANDT, Julian JEDVAJ, Tin DE SILVA, Danny AKÉ, Nathan ODEGAARD, Martin Just make the players with great potential that are worth their price to buy bold, and leave the players that have not the potential, I know all of them are good but lets pick just the most talented. Or something like. Mustd buy (bold and underline), good potential (bold) and regular players (nothing). Thanks for all the help
  13. Re: Benatia or Godin or Pepe or Bender or Badstuber or Miranda Between Beantia and Sakho which can get to a better rating in the future, and can they be beaten by badstuber in any way? The atletico players are impossible to get but still let me ask, have they a chance to get better in rating as the players above?
  14. Re: Best 2 of these 5? I know about draxler Lets look just at these 4 players MORATA, Álvaro KOLASINAC, Sead GORETZKA, Leon MEYER, Max
  15. MORATA, Álvaro KOLASINAC, Sead GORETZKA, Leon MEYER, Max DRAXLER, Julian Best two potential players out here, I know draxler but right behind him which two are the best for the future? Because I dont think I can get draxler from the manager so whic two of the 4 are the best picks?
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