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  1. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes... A urgent message has just appeared on my desk..at 10 downing street.
  2. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes...
  3. Re: Clubs who have lost a manager Nah..maybe..not sure...hang on.. Sorry..hmm..yes! 100% over reaction. But still makes me sick
  4. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Top TOP work on the betting thread chaps! Looks really good I'll be posting my bets tomorrow morning, when I'll have more time to look through properly
  5. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Sorry..arrived late per usual
  6. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes... Nice buddy, congrats! Not really mate. I just have to remember to check' date=' each last day of each month. Im sure you all will let me know if I miss anyone Ouch! GO WALSALL! My moneys on you n your lads mate! Pedro losing That IS a good result mate! Unlucky Bas buddy...but GO WALSALL!!! Im sorry, ive not been so active lately..been busy over the last week or so. Got aload of catching up to do (on other threads an such), which i'll leave for tomorrow (yeap im cornish, we do it dreckly..dont we Clive ) Updating Club Points now though. Sorry, I had to delete some smileys. EDIT: Done! Just noticed I havent updated the manager game/avg pts stats, which I will also do soon.
  7. Re: Clubs who have lost a manager If you mean Raiding an unmanaged club, so no other manager would want to manage them again..then this makes me feel sick This is why so many setups have less than 20 managers...silly idea IMO
  8. Re: The Basement Version II :cool:Sunny Sampdoria...haa could be worse. Time to sit back, relax...read a book an fart my way through Division 2 They got the guns while, we have the numbers. Gonna win yeah were, takin over.... COME ON!!
  9. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes... This kids got "BULLIED FOR LIFE" written all across his face! Hey Pip, you supporting Newcastle now mate?
  10. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Even game that could have gone either way. 13 points from 15, have got the Tigers into the dizzy heights of 2nd place AND NOW The downfall
  11. Re: European Dream Must of forgot to click the "confirm" button when doing my team Oh well, we'll start from the next match
  12. Re: Managers Merry-Go-Round The Milky Way is a Galaxy Which is part of a Universe, which is part of a 11 dimensional Multiverse
  13. AJB

    Double D

    Re: Double D Really frustrating loss against Palace. I dont think us or Matts Utd, could say "we won it"...more like the other lost it MASSIVE game next...
  14. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Should never have one this! 20%~ possession 2 shots Though rather be lucky than good
  15. Re: The Ultimate Glory Hunter For Club And Country. High scoring game, could have gone either way..should have been a draw to be fair..but SM wasnt fair to me last Sunday Still a good start Done my U-23's for the cup tonight..actually doesnt look that bad
  16. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes... Aye mate, its very rare for me too! On other news...we lose to Marts Livingston Just about to add the points system of the risers league to the first page, an because of recent views..it will be changed so that nobody will be losing points from it Some really good posts recently, too many to multi-quote..an couldnt rep all..as always need to spread
  17. Re: The Basement Version II I'll take Sampdoria please mate
  18. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes... -pts scare you some Chrissy? Also...as you say "Bad Management!
  19. Re: ARMAGEDDON...The Rise From The Ashes... Right, Ive had some managers with concerns about the risers league. Risers points will ONLY count from 70 (you will still score +1 from the rise if lower). Example: Player Rated 0 gets a +75 ratings boost. This will count only as 5 (5 above 70). It is funny, and somewhat cool to get these massive rises..but it would be stupid of me to allow it in this instance, as good scouting, or in my terms LUCK, should get you the points in the Risers League Anyways, I'll get this all up on the first page later today. An as it stands the risers league will be scored as follows: 1st - 25pts 2nd - 20pts 3rd - 17pts 4th - 15pts 5th - 14pts 6th - 13pts 7th - 12pts 8th - 11pts 9th - 10pts 10th - 9pts 11th - 8pts 12th - 7pts 13th - 6pts 14th - 5pts 15th - 4pts 16th - 3pts 17th - 2pts 18th - -1pts 19th - -3pts 20th - -5pts This is still not concrete, if you have any views on the new rule, or the points system, please either reply here or PM me Dont forget to PM muallan with your bet(s) >>>LATEST ODDS LINK<<< Good luck
  20. Re: Thinking about an idea for Game World Im not really interested TBH mate. Not because of the idea, but because im currently to be FULL once again (no room). But maybe to gather interest, PM a few forumers an see what they think... Also..what kind of clubs are you looking at using & how many?...Budget?...Divisions?...Empty squads/Default? I for one dont really like too many restrictions on transfers, but you do need some for sure. You can only change advanced rules at the beginning of each season Though you can set transfer windows. Id suggest if you do keep these restrictions, then to keep it small..so that you will be able to keep an eye on the transfers of each team. More than likely, because you cannot uphold some rules...there will be rule breaks. Which will mean some sort of punishment needed...I like punishment Is this an open world, or is there an end game (final winner)? I think most people like to be crowned a champion, an for most of us (reliable ones) dont like quitting clubs. So having an eventual winner is always appealing...well for me it is anyways . These are just a few ideas n opinions, nothing more, nothing less... Good luck with it mate P.S. What about giving it a name too?
  21. Re: The Basement Version II Thanks for letting me know about this buddy. Im well interested in this. Really like the transfer policies for each season! 10 seasons - Bang on..this one I WILL win (if I make the cut of course)
  22. Re: European Dream Top work again mate
  23. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development I understand the frustration Ste...I think everybody has encountered this. It is stupid, but on the other hand it does put a little spanner in the works of cheats. Also it does make money a little more important too..which is needed IMO. We all need to evolve with the game, some do..some dont.. & moan (like me ) >>>>See Here<<<< Just sell your players mate then do cash offers, if you want them to go through without a GLITCH
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