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  1. Not in prison, just away from Soccermanager. Was here I checked on my team who last time I was on here had a Pique rated at 88, Sneijder, Iniesta... god that team was amazing. Whoever has taken them over has really made them a mess. - This depresses me. Secondly, what the hell has happened? The game... the new reviews, pricing... The forum used to be a gold mine and now it's just a state. So... any of the old schoolers still around? Want to explain what happened?
  2. I dont think the stats im reading are correct so any idea what the follwoing Brazilian players will rise to? TAISON WILLIANS SANTANA TARTA ALEX TEXEIRA many thanks in advance.
  3. Re: SALAMON,Bartosz He might rise, 429 minutes. Could be a 74/75 gag. Ultimately you want to keep him though, he's a huge talent. There has been talk of him moving to a bigger club and he's been a well known talent for some time. Hope this helps.
  4. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. Arebeloa..rise to 91? He's played roughly 2000 minutes this season.... What will Robben rise to? Keep up the good work
  5. Re: High Rated Risers am i right in thinking Handanovic (89) wont be rising to 90?
  6. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Agger...good chance of a rise or... just wishful thinking?
  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? In a pretty discreet setup. Planning to buy the following players because the chairman values are so low, what do you think they will rise to, and should i buy them? PIQUE (88) AGGER (89) MARCELLIS (87) SANTACROCE (89) MOLINARO (89) GOURCUFF (89) FLETCHER (88) MANUEL FERNANDEZ (89) RENATO AUGUSTO (88) SUAREZ (89)
  8. centre midfield for hertha berlin, not missed a match (18/18) scoring 5 goals. rated 88. 90 out of the question? furthermore, anyone doing a german ratings prediction thread? thanks to all.
  9. Re: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia ratings Mandzukic 88 > 89 how likely is this rise?
  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Sell: Laure, Chico, Ivan Marcano, Vitale, Joao Guilherme, Glushakov, Dzagoev? cheers.
  11. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. reina to 94 is disguisting. For instance watch the newcastle game. Given was really good. Reina had little to deal with but conceeded. He drops the ball from time to time in a gomes like fashion. 94... that summed with the stupid name of this thread really displays the fact your a douche.
  12. Re: Huntelaar to Real Madrid.Will his rating go up? Ive got an offer from a team in my set up of 10 million plus huntelaar for adebayor...shall i accept it?
  13. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09) What do you think to jean of Sao Paulo? 17 starts 1 sub, 2 goals. - recent appearances. rated 83.
  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Is Scott Sinclair worth buying, someone's bid for him in a set-up. Thanks.
  15. Re: Largest Upcoming Risers. Apologies. Late nights have clearly taken their toll. Anyway, ill just delete my post and we can forget my horrible mistake.
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