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    M'name's Alex and I'm a Wigan fan so...I'm a believer!!
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  1. This is ridiculous! How has Luiz gone up to a 92? He is nowhere near that, he was lucky to be a 91 in my opinion. Dante is in a different league to him, but yet they're the same rating. Kompany again is unbelievably good and is yet only one rating higher! Don't get it at all.
  2. Eduardo Salvio; would it be better to sell or keep him?
  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I'm in the league managing Bristol City
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Varane or Isco??
  5. Re: Player Swap? Thank you. Got him, and the deal is done! Seems to be a pretty good deal then
  6. Re: Friedel for Szczesny True, it's getting on my nerves, there are a few others like Begovic and Leno, but I'm not really sure with who to go for really.
  7. Personally I think neither Vidic or Rooney deserve to be the rating they are. Two of the most overrated players around and how Aguero and Kompany both have lower ratings is beyond me!
  8. I'm looking to do a swap Friedel for Szczesny plus 7.5 million. Not sure if this is a good deal because Szczesny doesn't really show any signs of going up in ratings
  9. Re: Player Swap? Thank you very much. I have heard a lot more about Varane's future prospects rather than El Shaarawy's. I'm sure Varane will go up again soon, but yeah as you say, I'd rather have a promising CB than CAM/ST!
  10. Was Varane for El Shaarawy a good swap? I'm a big fan of Varane and would rather have him but I'm not sure whether it was a good swap?
  11. Personally, being a Wigan fan, I think Maloney's very underrated and is certainly as good as some players of a higher rating. Considering Downing is an 89 rated player, I think Maloney deserves to be at least an 88 instead of an 87; possibly even an 89.
  12. believer95

    Hello guys

    Hello guys, I'm a newcomer, my name is Alex and I am a Wigan fan!!
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