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  1. Charlton Athletic - Season 12 Review: Predicted finish: Relegation Final position: 8th (Qualified for Europa League) Fan's Player of the Season: Alvaro Negredo Fan favourite Negredo once more wins the prize after scoring a handful of goals despite injury woes in the second half of the season. Player's Player of the Season: Etxebarria Benat Despite only signing for the club midway through the season, Benat became a joy to play alongside as he bagged himself 11 assists from 17 appearances. Manager's Player of the Season: Davide Astori With one of the toughest defences in the Division, conceding only 52 goals, I had to give my award to one of the back four. Astori was consistent and difficult to play against all season. Chairman's goal for next season: Avoid relegation Manager's hopes for next season: Have a good run in either the Shield, Cup, or Europa League whilst maintaining our Division 1 status for another season - this season's league finish will be difficult to equal again.
  2. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Another superb result ensures a top half finish for us with one game to spare. We finish the season with an intriguing game against Stoke - with the teams separated by only one point.
  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Yet another thrashing shows that we really are suffering due to the mass of injuries at the back - Todd Kane and emergency loanee Gustavo Gomez simply could not deal with the massive talent Arsenal posses. I wasn't expecting a win today due to Arsenal being top of the league, but I at least expected a respectable performance regardless of a lack of available players. Very disappointed.
  4. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Charlton Athletic 1 - 1 Huddersfield Town Another late goal costs us what would have been 3 massive points. We regrettably missed a penalty and were playing against 10 men for pretty much the entire game so I'm not happy with this at all really. The result ends our very faint chances of a top 4 finish but we remain in 9th which is just fine.
  5. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Awful. Just awful. A pale imitation of my Cup performances two seasons ago. This is certainly my worst moment in 7777. That being said, congrats to Port Vale and their manager, superb performance. Victor Valdes was terrible today and can now worry about the possibility of being dropped next game even though my reserve is rated 75. Our next game is against top of the table Arsenal. We need to perform well in the League now or else I'm going to be very disappointed.
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Intriguing end of season running for Charlton Athletic: with all three remaining teams we face above us in the table. The games against Huddersfield Town, Derby County, and Stoke City will be tough ones but if we can somehow pull off three victories (and that would be special) it is worth pointing out that they are three of the five teams separating us from the Champions League places... no further comment though as our main goal now is to secure a top half finish which will put us in the Europa League - a big success in itself for relegation favourites at the start of the season.
  7. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Charlton Athletic score 6 to seal biggest win in Adriano era Charlton 6 - 1 Liverpool Pizarro: 5' Nani: 14' Gouffran: 33', 62' Mavuba: 63' Samedov: 80' The win raises a few questions really as Dan points out, we were playing the best keeper in the world Neuer with a very good defence in front of him as well. The answer lies in one name: Benat. We've always had a well performing defence (only three teams have conceded less this season) yet we've lacked a midfielder who can create play. The evidence of Benat's impact today is that every attacker and midfielder around him scored and he claimed three of the six assists. The evidence of his impact since signing for us is that in 14 appearances for the club he has already put himself in the league's top 25 player assists table. He has been so good that the fact we've lost our highest rated player and permanent top goalscorer Negredo has been unnoticeable as his replacement Gouffran has been able to score 4 in his absence. During this absence we've been able to get three huge wins: 6 - 1, 4 - 1, and 3 - 0. It's odd given the gulf in class we often face such as in today's game but spirits are high right now and we're desperate to hold on to a top 10 finish after fighting off relegation earlier in the season. Unlucky Dan, you obviously didn't deserve to lose like that but that's just the way football is at times. You look to have fought off any relegation threat though.
  8. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread A bit of an injury crisis at the back with Terry, Cahill, Johnson, and Alex all ruled out. Youngsters Ruben Vezo and Gustavo Gomez sign on loan from Arsenal and Blackpool respectively to help ease the pressure as we still have the League, Cup and Champions League left to compete in.
  9. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread Early days (about as early as days come to be honest) but a 6-0 opening day win puts us at the top of Division 4. It was also the biggest win across all the divisions. We hope to continue this bright start when we face Hartlepool United tonight although a lot of unfit players and no new signings able to go through in time means it may be tough to do so.
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Four games unbeaten and 11 goals scored in them shows a convincing return to top form and puts us 5 points clear of 11th. This has truly been a season of two halves; we were at the foot of the table around the mid-point. If we can keep it up for the final 6 games, European football might well be a possibility.
  11. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread Been a while since a new forum game world has popped up, so I'm excited to see how things turn out here.
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Charlton Athletic score 4 to stun Carlisle United despite it being our first match without Negredo (who is likely to miss the rest of the season through injury). We're up to 8th and are 12 points clear of relegation which is great news.
  13. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Well this is a little concerning: we have only scored 9 goals from 9 league games this season. The attackers need to pull their weight a little as the defence have been superb (other than in the 6-1 thrashing last month). Open to offers for the three attackers Dzeko (92), De Jong (89), and Vucinic (89) to try and remedy the situation.
  14. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Wycombe have managed to go unbeaten in our first 10 games in Division 1 - we are the last team in the Game World yet to be defeated. This season's goal was to avoid relegation as we have less resources than all other teams due to being promoted three times in a row so I am really pleased to see us sitting 2nd in the table. I guess one concern is that we seem to be drawing a lot of matches, but when you're not losing and flying high you can't really complain. Our next match is going to be huge: vs Aston Villa (top of the table).
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