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  1. Re: Gold Championship 449 - Official Thread Despite the loss I'm pretty happy with the result since I'm not done with my team yet and Benfica is a tough team.
  2. Re: Gold Championship 449 - Official Thread Thank you! I May as well . i guess i can send him back at any time if i don't need him anymore ^^. Also My first match in charge:
  3. Re: Gold Championship 449 - Official Thread Hi Guangzhou Evergrande Manager here. First signing of the season to help my defense which is pretty terrible in comparison to my fowards. Thanks for the loan Goreth. Marrone should help me struggle through my first season and perhaps if i am lucky make it out of the group stages of the SMFA up. Also to anyone who reads this i am looking or a 86+ rated Defender that an play on the right and a midfielder that can play on either side to use on loan.
  4. Re: The Official A-League Thread I thought i'd share these photos of Josh Kennedy from Nagoya Grampus's farewell ceremony for Josh Kennedy, Naoshi Nakamura and Keiji Tamada. Not completely a-league related. But since he is playing for Melbourne City now i hope its related enough.
  5. Re: Euro 2016 All must bow to our new Icelandic overlords!
  6. Re: The Official A-League Thread Through on away goals again. Most of the teams in the east side of the afc have been pretty equally matched with player performance on the day being the decider. Good to see. Still don't understand how Seoul does so well during the champions league. In the k league they don't look as impressive.
  7. Re: American Soccer League 503 (with prizes...) Yo.
  8. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! i cursed myself
  9. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! Haven't lost yet but forever drawing
  10. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! A full Japanese league hopefully it stays that way
  11. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! had a turn of fortune at mainz recently so far in real life so i thought id give him a shot
  12. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! Oliveira ELKESON has completed his move to Kashiwa Reysol from Guangzhou Evergrande for £1,000,000 plus Naoya KONDO and Kenta KANO . All other offers were turned down.
  13. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! I think it cost them about 3.5 million pounds or 4.3 mil euros in your case. Also this video has never been more appropriate than now xD if your familiar with Captain Tsubasas conection to Cerezo Osaka
  14. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! Cerezo have forlan they bought him recently in real life. Cerezo Osaka have probably the best team in the j league now. This is coming from a fan of Gamba Osaka too.
  15. Re: Gold 406 - Japanese League!! Kashiwa Reysol! Already bought Endo for Cottbus before i knew about this though For those who haven't already heard this will most likely be an active world because it cotains the people of the 303 scotland and 191 france most of which have filled out bundas 3.
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