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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Anyone know how Pedro Obiang is doing at Sampdoria, is he likely to rise from his 88 Rating
  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Anyone know how Federico VIVIANI's rating might go, now on loan at Serie B club US Latina. Is he one to keep or best to sell?
  3. Re: 10k risers of republic korea ´nd japan! lee king-bum is a sure riser
  4. Re: RIP Dale Roberts R&D's keeper Apparently early this year his girlfriend had an affair with John Terry's Brother, Paul Terry who was a team-mate at the time.
  5. Re: Nathan LOWNDES Had a couple of seasons at Plymouth, did not do a lot, spent a lot of time in the reserves
  6. Re: Jack Cork , Dan Golsing and Josh Walker Dan Gosling, is an outstanding young talent and also very versatile, can play both midfield and full-back.
  7. Sinclair A hot prospect indeed!!!! needs a higher rating
  8. McSheffrey Must admit I feel that McSheffrey's 85 rating has been a bit low for a while now.
  9. Young Saw Watford play early last season, and had to look at the programme to see who this player was, inspiring Watford to come back from 3-1 down against Plymouth to draw 3-3. Definately a player with a future.
  10. Having noticed Colchesters great record in the Championship this season, I notice the current First Choice Goalie Dean Gerken is only a 70 rating. I think that most regular keepers in this Division are usually around 80-82 for the smaller teams. Maybe he deserves a higher rating?
  11. Akos Yes, Akos is starting to show the skill that he has only hinted at until now, seems the additions of the two other Hungarian players has raised his game. Yes I am sure his rating will start to rise now.
  12. Plymouth's Luke Summerfield and Gary Sawyers have been outstanding this season and deserve higher ratings. Summerfield has been a regular first teamer all season and has often been the pick of the midfield. Sawyer has come in recently and has made the centre-back birth his own. Two players to keep an eye on.
  13. Derbyshire Saw Matt Derbyshire play a few games for Plymouth on loan, last season, did not score any goals , but did look usefull at championship level. Went onto Wrexham where he scored quite a few goals. His rating should increase soon.
  14. Happy New Year He didn't hang around? did he?
  15. I feel that as Reading have performed well so far in the Premiership some of their squad ratings should rise as most still have Championship ratings. Maybe some Sheffield United and Watford players could also do with a raise.
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