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  1. Re: Pepe?

    Pepe has played more games than any other Real Madrid player this season, only lost his 93 rating last season because he missed a lot through injury. Was unlucky in that respect when other long term injury players have kept there ratings.

  2. Young

    Saw Watford play early last season, and had to look at the programme to see who this player was, inspiring Watford to come back from 3-1 down against Plymouth to draw 3-3. Definately a player with a future.

  3. Having noticed Colchesters great record in the Championship this season, I notice the current First Choice Goalie Dean Gerken is only a 70 rating.

    I think that most regular keepers in this Division are usually around 80-82 for the smaller teams.

    Maybe he deserves a higher rating?

  4. Plymouth's Luke Summerfield and Gary Sawyers have been outstanding this season and deserve higher ratings.

    Summerfield has been a regular first teamer all season and has often been the pick of the midfield.

    Sawyer has come in recently and has made the centre-back birth his own.

    Two players to keep an eye on.

  5. I feel the 80 rating for Norris is too low as he has been in great form for Plymouth in this seasons championship, while Bjarni Gudjohnsson (Since been released back to Iceland) has a whopping rating of 82. Norris should be an 83 at least.

    Also Taribo West 84 has now retired and turned to religion, Nuno Mendes who has an 82 rating was released without making any impression at all.

  6. I noticed that Craig Davies is only a 74 rating? I know he has not played out of the bottom divisions, but is good enough to play for Wales (Yeah I know they got stuffed by Slovakia) and on loan to Wolves from his Italian side.

    Surley his rating should go up to about an 80?

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