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  1. Again Kaiserlautern are involved in a one sided transfer albeit a little less one sided than their usual transfers but why would you swap a player worth 22 million and rated 92 for a slightly older player worth 14 million and rated 91 who plays in more limited but similar positions?? Toby ALDERWEIRELD for Steven N'ZONZI??
  2. El muppet is back in GC1 with Kaiserlautern...here we go again. Looks like he also controls Napoli..
  3. John what happened Tielemans and Kingsley Coman for Christian Noboa??
  4. Re: Gold Championship 1 News So good that Pope Jorge has left but still some strange transfers happening. Look at the deals between the new mangers at Celta Vigo, AS Saint-Etienne and Vélez Sársfield!!
  5. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Udinese Calcio manager lets play has decided to part company with the club after 0 games in charge. But he manages to sell the best player Aymen Abdennour to Manchester United before he goes!!
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Hopefully SM will do something about this situation now, God knows why they haven't before! The deals between Roma and Manchester United last season should have been the last straw!
  7. Re: Gold Championship 1 News The charity that is Manchester United gets another donation Bellarabi for 10 million from Hope Glory the new manager at FK Moskva.
  8. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Adi Sharabi has applied for the vacant FK Moskva he's the guy that never picked a team while at Roma and just logged on to sell Roma's best players to Manchester United. Looks like all the best FK Moskva's players will be going to Old Trafford Oxlade Chamberlain first no doubt!
  9. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) FK Moskva Gold Championship 1 Includes players like Alex OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN 89 Mame DIOUF 89 Karim BELLARABI 88 Johan DJOUROU 88 Eric CHOUPO-MOTING 88 Leonardo BITTENCOURT 87 Not a bad side in the best Gold Championship
  10. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Teb was this Championships resident Oligarch He created a team like no other and enjoyed the privileges of his status within the game and because of this he operated on his own terms. He started multiple deals and the deals for players which involved season loan backs etc. This may not have been cheating but whether it was in the spirit of the game or not is another question. He hogged players and he had the power to make or break teams with favourable loans, I don't think having this monopoly was good for the game however this was Soccer Managers fault not his; h
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread No Newman, you didn't make it sound like that, you're always a good sport; but I, having had many results, especially this season with AC Milan in Gold Championship 1, where I had the better team on paper, having more possession shots etc in game and then losing with the opposing teams goalie getting man of the match, just wanted to put forward a case for Watford winning with a tactical game.
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