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  1. Re: Future Potential Rating Interesting idea, although it would be tough to have SM assign a "potential" value to each player as everyone has their own opinion of players and "potential" can have a very broad meaning. But I see the point you're trying to make with how players are valued by the chairman. I've had a few deals blocked myself as I offered a player of slightly higher value for a slightly less valued player, but in my opinion the lesser valued player has more upside and "potential" but my chairman doesn't comprehend that area... so it was blocked. Perhaps a "Volatile Rating" base
  2. One of the big debates on SM is how you get a "big" club in the Gold Championships. At present, it is a first come, first serve basis. But I just wanted to throw out another possible way of distributing clubs in the Gold Championship(as most of us don't have the luxury of sitting at a computer all day checking to see when the league is open). A lottery. And there are a number of ways to run it. 1) Completely random. The league opens and you have 24 hours to apply. After 24 hours, the clubs are distributed among the applicants at random. 2) Clubs distributed randomly, but those with higher m
  3. Re: Chairman Expectations Giving cash ...... great idea(sarcasm)! SM just took a boat load of cash out of this game because there was WAY TOO much. So all of your suggestions is to put more cash into the game. Yea, you can argue it will be based on results.... but what clubs typically get the results? The richer, bigger clubs. Sooo, the richer/bigger clubs get richer. It's the lower level and unmanaged clubs that don't get the cash ........ just as the lower level and unmanaged clubs never had the players before. So what's the point? Burs - No, managers will not be getting sacked at the mome
  4. Re: Chairman Expectations Final note at the moment: For those who have the argument that they "pay" for a gold account and would be upset if they were to be sacked and lose their club..... then I say this ..... I pay for my gold account as well and have done pretty well with a mediocre club (Panathinaikos) but do not get the opportunity to manage a "big" club because too many of them are run by bad managers who do not have to worry about being sacked, despite some being relegated and getting horrible results with World-class results. As the "OFFICIAL" competition of SM, the Gold Championshi
  5. Re: Chairman Expectations In response to the managers (or manager's "friend") who had very high quality clubs (Liverpool, Milan's, Madrid's, Barca, Man Utd), who say they did all they could and still had trouble winning...... then obviously you're not doing something right and in realistic terms you should be sacked. You would be in real-life. You might say but this is a game, but if you have some of the best players in the world and still can't win, you're obviously not on par as a manager with your players/club.
  6. Re: Chairman Expectations Manager's might not be sacked immediately for not meeting Chairman Expectations, but perhaps after 2 or more seasons of not meeting these expectations, depending on how far away they finish from those expectations. And/Or Along with Chairman Expectations, the chairman should also list what they will NOT stand for (relegation, debt, etc). This way, a manager has no excuses at the end of the season because they knew what the club/chairman would not tolerate.
  7. I know you can send a ticket into SM regarding new players, and that they have some criteria before they will add a player to the database. My question is, if I advise SM to a new player, am I informed somehow by SM that the player has been added, or do I need to check the Free Agent list every day?
  8. Re: Key Game Improvements Quick note (hopefully keeping it short): 1) Love the changes, or coming changes. Been preaching several of these for a time now. 2) Love how anytime SM implements changes in the game, a mass of users immediately cry "foul!", "no, it won't work", or "stupid changes", yet a few weeks or a month later, no one is complaining because it made the game better. Ex. Everyone complaining that their "hard earned" silly/fake money was taken away and threaten to cancel their gold membership or quit their GC teams. Money on SM was anything but "hard earned". You could go on vac
  9. Re: New gold member, and i see a sorry state of affairs And only SM can explain exactly why they chose not to make it known that large amounts of money would be taken away, but think what might have happened if they did. If SM gave a 2 day or weeks notice that this would happen, every single manager on the game would've spent all their money on buying every possible player from an unmanaged club, making even more clubs desolate of players. The very thing most are complaining about. You wouldn't have been able to buy players on managed clubs because no one would want your cash cause they were
  10. Re: New gold member, and i see a sorry state of affairs Beta - While it was not ideal for SM to have to take most of the money from all clubs, it was necessary. If SM implemented their new and coming changes WITHOUT removing this cash from the GC setup, then it would've been pointless. The system in place was not perfect, but to help solve the issue SM needed to take necessary steps. For example, one of the coming changes is to make club debt a reality, so that clubs with way too many players will be forced to sell unused players or go into debt. If clubs were allowed to keep their 200 milli
  11. Re: Listed Positions Does this mean nobody knows?
  12. Haven't been able to figure this one out yet through my matches. Does it matter if a player is listed as CM/DM or DM/CM, or AM/LM compared to LM/AM? For example, if Player A is listed as a CM/DM, I know they will perform best in one of these two positions better than anywhere else, but does this mean he prefers CM over DM more or are they the same to this player? If Player B is listed as a DM/CM.... and I play Player A and B as DM, does Player B statistically have a better chance of performing better? Been on SM for a year now and haven't figured this one out. In my Panathinaikos GC 14 sid
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