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  1. I am in my 4th season in division 1, it does take time but your chairman will keep upgrading every year depending on your success i think. It helped that i won division 1 first time of asking though.
  2. I took Luton Town from DIV 5 to DIV 1 in consecutive seasons and my stadium was only around the 10K mark when i started. My capacity has been increased year on year and its now at around 44K and i can sustain a wage bill of over 2 million so it does get better as time goes on.
  3. To be honest the new interface is pathetic and has so many issues, being hard to navigate is one. We should have the option to change back.
  4. Definatly do not like the layout change, its much harder to acctually do things, and the general fact that the old interface was way better. It was alot easier to understand, naviagte and it was simple. People should be given the option to change from the new to the old depending on what they prefer.
  5. I defiantly think that we should be able to loan out who we want, as the managers know our squads the best. I still am unable with some clubs to loan out certain players even though some are 4th and 5th choice for the positions they play. If don't see them as not yet good enough for the first 11 or too promising to sell on, then why cant I just loan them out? Point 9 has alot of debate around that, and I was all for keeping it. But at least bring back the 'unknown' option, so if I did decide to take a player of the transfer list, I wouldn't have to set the player to 'Available' or 'Unavail
  6. Re: Martin Odegaard Finally an 80 rated player, and still 15
  7. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions That's good news that you will be looking into multiplayer issues again soon, personally I would like to have the reserve leagues added and maybe even go as far as allowing managers to actually manage those teams if it were possible. (Like someone can manage Real Madrid and then a different manager can manage Real Madrid Cheating needs to be sorted out and by removing the 'offer club feature' may help out a lot, as a lot of cheating takes place using this feature. Possibly adding features to deter people from cheating such as club sanctions,
  8. There have been numerous cases recently and many in the past of people cheating to prosper in game worlds. As you all know most of them will take over another club with a second account in that game world and sell all of the players to their main club. Managers will report the transfers and some get reversed and some don't. The ones that do get reversed, the manager that is cheating then will keep bidding for the players that got reversed until they get them for good. My idea (which may have been brought up before) is to impose sanctions on the cheaters main club and the punishments will diff
  9. Re: Selling players out of the game You can sell your players to other managers, unmanaged clubs in your GW and external clubs. Sometimes bids for players can take a bit of time to come in, but you will get bids.
  10. Re: Getting rid of the 'unavailable' transfer status I think this feature should be kept as like many others have received rubbish transfer bids on my better players and get sick of getting these rubbish bids coming in a few times per day. So I'll just set the player to unavailable to stop the bids and if those people then actually want to make a decent bid they can PM me, simple. And if a player that I want to buy is unavailable then I'll first try to PM the other manager and if he doesn't want to sell/respond I'll go for another player. This feature should be kept.
  11. Re: Getting rid of the 'unavailable' transfer status If this was implemented then there would be a lot of people who have spent years building up a good squad of higher rated players (and not necessarily a squad containing 200 players) then they are now forced to sell a lot of their team. I mean I have a team I've been with for nearly 3 years and I have a squad of 21 players with a few out on loan. 10 of those 21 players in my current squad are rated over 93 (due to rating changes when I bought them a while back and some already being the rating they are). If this was implemented then it w
  12. Re: Getting rid of the 'unavailable' transfer status I would just like it removed personally, as I never use it and it stops managers from at least making a bid for a player. If the manager doesn't want to sell, like mentioned, just click reject and use the reason "I don't want to sell the player". I also believe that every player has their price and apart from maybe Ronaldo or Messi, I would at least give a good offer some thought.
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