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  1. What about these players in your opinion? Thanks!! Maguire (Leicester - 85) Trippier (Tottenham - 87) Brady (Burnley - 86) Redmond (Southampton - 88) Berahino (Stoke - 87) Stones (ManCity - 89) Evans (West Brom - 88) Clark (Newcastle - 85) Gray (Watford - 86) Gray (Leicester - 85) Ritchie (Newcastle - 86) Delph (ManCity - 88) Gomez (Liverpool - 83)
  2. Here I am with another crazy project: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which politically existed from 1801 to 1922 when Ireland left. My idea is to build a team in Premier League, of course, with the best players from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and North Ireland only. When I had to choose the team I had two ideas in my mind: Liverpool (which has a tradition and a lot of good english players already) and Tottenham which has, probably, the best two at the moment (Kane and Alli, plus other good ones). Considering it would have been difficult to sign Kane ma
  3. I've noticed that on Soccerwiki, for each player, there's a description of their position. So, for example, Ibrahimovic who can play both as central advanced midfielder and centre forward is described as target man, suggesting that his best position is as centre forward. Other example, Eden Hazard is described as winger even if he can play any role on offensive midfield and attack. I'm really wondering if putting each player in their exact soccerwiki description position can make the difference. Your experience?
  4. Athletic can sign players basque born or raised in a basque "cantera". I'll give you a short list of the best players per role Goalkeepers: Ruffier 89, Arrizabalaga 87 Defenders: Azpilicueta 92, Javi Martinez 92, Laporte 90, Inigo Martinez 90, Nacho Monreal 90 Midfielders: Ander Herrera 91, Illarramendi 90, San José 90, Raul Garcia 90, Xabi Prieto 90 Forwards: Griezmann 95, Aduriz 91, Muniain 90, Williams 89 Check my story about leading Athletic:
  5. More to come soon at the beginning of the new season
  6. I decided to keep Kepa as my first GK, for now, and to turn my XI in a 4-2-3-1: Arrizabalaga (87, GK); Azpilikueta (92, RB), Javi Martinez (92, CB), Laporte (90, CB), Natxo Monreal (90, LB); Illarramendi (90, DM), Ander Herrera (91, DM); Williams (89, RAM), Muniain (90, CAM), Oyarzabal (88, LAM); Griezmann (95, CF). Complete my first team: Herrerin (85), De Marcos (89), Yeray (87), Inigo Martinez (90), Mikel Merino (82), Berchiche (88), Capa (87), San Josè (90), Benat (89), Susaeta (89), Raul Garcia (90), Berenguer (83), Sabin Merino (86), Aduriz (91). Youth Team/on loan: Remiro
  7. After almost 1 year, I'm back leading Athletic Club. Obviously I was not the manager of the club anymore since I've never opened the game in the last 12 months but I was lucky enough that this game world was still open and Athletic Club was without manager. Obviously, again, most of the players I got, came back to their team so I had to buy most of them again. So lucky that Griezmann was avaible for a transfer!! So in these 12 months many values changed: Griezmann is now 95 (+2) since last time I played, Williams is 89.. just to mention the most remarkable. On the other side, Ll
  8. Here we are, after a long time, with another update. I finally won the last trophy I missed: Leauge Cup. 3-0 to Barcelona with Ander Herrera, Xabi Alonso on penalty and Llorente scoring! I reached the second place in La Liga behind Barcelona, again. Players' values updates: Azpilikueta +1 (92) Laporte +1 (90) Natxo Monreal +1 (90) Xabi Alonso -1 (94) Ander Herrera +1 (91) Griezmann +1 (92) Arrizabalaga +2 (84) Inaki Williams +2 (87) Aritz Elustondo +1 (83) I also signed Balenziaga (88) as back up of my left full back. Signed some youngsters as well like Arellano
  9. They're both 91 at the moment? who could have a +1 or +2 in the next weeks? I have both as back up in my Liverpool team but I need to sell one of them. My opinion is that Griezmann is closer to get a +1 and the only one who has a little chances to get a +2. On the other side, after the continental tournament, even Pastore could get a +1. which is your advice?
  10. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 not sure if someone named him already but being an Athletic Club's supporter, I say Inaki Williams (78)
  11. Re: PL U21: Zelalem, Akpom, Solanke, Wilson, Yesil, Ojo, Sinclair thanks for your advices, signed Ojo from the free tranfers for the moment
  12. Re: Athletic Club de Bilbao Thanks for your message, it's a spanish league Honestly I'm not happy with my results so I've changed my tactics again in a 4-3-3 wings with this starting XI: Ruffier (89) Azpilikueta (91) Javi Martinez (92) Laporte (89) Natxo Monreal (89) Raul Garcia (90) Xabi Alonso (95) Ander Herrera (90) Muniain (90) Llorente (91) Griezmann (91)
  13. Who would you buy? and who will get a +something sooner? Feel free to suggest other must buy in the U21 PL Thanks
  14. Since I have a big interest in basque football and in Athletic Club in particular, I had the idea to open a thread about basque players raisers. here's the list Surname Name - Role - Team - Age - Current value - Potential raise Oier Olanzabal - GK - Granada - 25 - 83 - 85 Arrizabalaga Kepa - GK - Athletic Club - 20 - 80 - 82 (COMPLETED 82) Remiro Alex - GK - Athletic Club - 20 - 75 - 77 (COMPLETED 77) Boveda Eneko - RB - Eibar - 26 - 83 - 84 (COMPLETED 85) Etxeita Xabier - CD - Athletic Club - 27 - 85 - 87 (COMPLETED 86) San José Mikel - CB/DM - Athletic Club - 25 - 88 - 89 Garcia Davi
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