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  1. Re: When Sir Alex Leaves who will be Manager ? I believe a deal has already been done! Former Exeter City Manager Peter Fox has already agreed to takeover at the end of the season. He has already has former Aston Villa bean-pole striker Ian Ormondroyd to be his assistant. You heard it here first!
  2. Just wondering what Ze Roberto's Rating will be after the up coming German Ratings following his move from Bayern to Hamburg. Noticed he scored last night in the Europa League?
  3. Re: Pedro Leon,Dzsudszak,Kambarov or Gervinho Yes that sounds like good advice cheers
  4. I am looking to sign one of these wide players, Pedro Leon (Valladolid), Dzsudszak (PSV), Dmitri Kambarov (D Moscow) or Gervinho (Lille) what do people think would be the best long term buy?
  5. Re: Ramsey vs Wilshere Also what about Francisco Merida? any chance of him making a break through this season?
  6. Re: Best player in history For me it has to be Pele (Even though he was before my time), best player in my lifetime has to be Diego Maradona, none of todays stars come anywhere near. Another player who many of the older generation talk about is Alfredo Di Stefano who was the main man at the legendary Real Madrid in the late fifties and early sixties, though with the lack of footage of him you can only judge by what has been written.
  7. Re: What got Thiago Alcantara? I believe so! Arsenal and Chelsea have been in the hunt for him, allegedly
  8. Re: Zdravko KUZMANOVIC I must admit it seems a bit harsh not to raise him to a 90.
  9. Re: Julien Faubert Some players don't adapt to the English game, maybe Faubert is one of them. A few players have done better since returning abroad after ilfated stays in the Premiership, Freddie Kanoute became a class act Sevilla after not quite living up to his potential as Tottenham. Claudio Pizarro is back on from since leaving Chelsea and returning to Germany are a couple of players that spring to mind.
  10. Re: Jermaine Easter Has failed to make the grade at Championship level at Plymouth despite Plymouths lack of quality forwards Fallon, McLean and the always injured M'Penza. Probably highest rating could be an 80 if he perfoms well out on loan in League one
  11. Re: 3 Irish lads at Blackburn Judge has just joined Plymouth Argyle on loan, he will make his debut tomorrow against Ipswich.
  12. Re: Your Life Without SM? It would be terrible withou SM! but my wife would be very happy indeed!
  13. Re: anderson&nani-from phenomenon to flop These two have look like being the new Kleberson and Djemba Djemba!
  14. Re: Ritchie De Laet, Man Utd New Signing Must be some kind of tax dodge? a strange one this!
  15. Re: SM crashing This problem appears to be fixed now
  16. Re: Should i swap CACERES for ARBELOA Ok I might have been wrong about Arbeloa, obviously Finnan was way overated, but Premier League players generally get more favorable ratings compared to Spanish and Italian leagues.
  17. Re: SM crashing Yes this been happening to me also on Internet Explorer, but seems to run fine on Firefox.
  18. Re: Should i swap CACERES for ARBELOA Caceres is tipped to be a great defender in the future, where as Arbeloa though playing regular is more of a journeyman defender and 91 will probably be his limit.
  19. Re: Should I Sell Aguero for 10 million + David Villa No Aguero will be one of the games greats in a few years, where Villa is at the top of his game now and has probably hit his peak.
  20. Re: Favourite Xmas Song... Yes its the Pogues for me, though I do like John Lennons's 'War is Over' too
  21. Re: Who should be Manchester United's No.1 goalkeeper when Van Der Sar retires? They will surely sign a new keeper, both reserve keepers are not good enough!
  22. Which of these centre backs would be your first choice to buy and why?
  23. Re: Your Favourite Footballer EVER!! Tommy Tynan, a goal scoring legend for Plymouth Argyle. Now drives a Taxi for a living.
  24. Re: DENIS KOLODIN anyone know much about him?? Remember his from the Euro's, he had a wicked strike on him and would have a shot from far out. But did look a bit dodgy defensively.
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