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  1. Re: David Norris Horror Celebration Having seen the incident in question, you would have to have a very vivid imagination indeed, like the tabloid's, to implicate something like this. As the Mirror have a contract with the tragic family involved (who were not at the Blackpool game?) they have probably been looking at McCormick's ex-team mates looking for an incident to help sell their papers. It took two days for this to become a major headline on the BBC news having been built up by the tabloids. What next will the daily rags bring to the public attention to help sell their papers.
  2. Re: Adebayor For Mutu Yes accept this offer, Mutu at 30 will not get any higher, where as Adebayor at 23 can only get better. Not much to think about here!
  3. Re: Adebayor Rise? Yes he was unlucky not to go to 93 last time around.
  4. Re: latest British ratings I hpe they are worth waiting for!!
  5. Re: Figo or Ze Roberto?! Ze Roberto for me, still the driving force for Bayern Munich.
  6. Re: MANC overtaking MANU It will take City time to get bigger and better than Man Utd. Remember it took Man United 26 years of trying to buy the title, since 1967, not only buying top players but poaching promising players from smaller clubs at a young age. It took Chelsea a few seasons to assemble a title winning squad. Also it will take success to build up a huge fan base, as new football fans generaly attach themselves to the more successfull clubs. Remember back before the Munich disaster of 1958, City and United were pretty much clubs of the same stature, success bread success and a bigger fanbase.
  7. Re: Where are the French rating changes? I don't think the French Changes have finished yet, Ederson should go up, also Mandanda and Ben Arfa should be due for a raise too.
  8. Re: Daniel Agger Agger is a quaility defender and should not go any lower, being kept out by Skrtel who's rating should go up to a 91 rating at least.
  9. Re: would you sell Pirlo for £99 Million Yes. Long term investment, you could buy 5 or 6 quality players that will be of near and equal ability in a couple of years.
  10. Re: Craig Cathcart Yes Plymouth players always have low ratings compared to the more glamorous Championship sides, last season's side before the mass exodus of players realy should of had higher ratings, unfortunately they have had to bring in lower league players with the exception of Emile M'Penza who is still not match fit. But they beat Watford last night after a major shake up of the team, hopefully they can do enough to stay out of trouble. But it looks like it will be a long tough season for them.
  11. Re: Craig Cathcart Played last night, in for the suspended Timar, did ok and could keep place, most Championship fringe players usually worth an 80 rating.
  12. Re: Amuary Bischoff probably won't go up for a couple of years as he is one for the future
  13. Re: Glenn Whelan Was looking likely for a loan move to Plymouth, but Tony Pulis pulled the plug on the move until at least January. So probably won't get many league games unless Stoke get an injury crisis.
  14. Re: Andrei Arshavin I think Zenit and CSKA Moscows success in europe over the last few years shows how stong the Russian league is and the Arshavin's rating can increase especially after his showing in the euro's.
  15. Re: Georgios Samaras - High Rating Riser I'm not so sure he will rise by much, the majority of SPL players are of Championship standard. Most of the players both Celtic and Rangers have been in for this summer i.e. Loovens, tu, Dailly, Kenny Miller etc were Championship players or have been competing with championship teams for players. Samarras falls into that catergory as he did not cut the mustard in the Premiership.
  16. Re: Andre OOIJER Yes a regular for both Blackburn and Holland shoulg go back up. I think he only dropped last time because he was out injured.
  17. Re: Vincenzo Iaquinta If you can buy podolski then you should accept, and but him.
  18. Re: Ben Arfa Deal No keep Ben Arfa an amazing prospect!
  19. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Yes go for Pepe a certain riser with Real and impressive in the Euro's, snap him up quick
  20. Re: Marcell Jansen swap for Martin Skrtel Yes tough one, Skrtel is still to establish himself as a regular at Liverpool, but if he makes the breakthrough could well worth keeping Janssen was awfull at the euro's and will probably drop his rating slightly anyway. So it really is whether you want a LB or a CB.
  21. Re: Rolfes or Borowski? Yes I agree, Rolfes a player on the up, where as Borwoski has not fullfilled the promise of a few years back.
  22. Re: 24/7 Transfers My first reaction was one of frustration that I have had to wait so long for a transfer to go through and also the risk of another bid for my target. But this is what happens in real life. Transfers take time as bids fly in for players. Well done SM for making it more realistic. One trouble I can see is when bidding for a player before a game, you might find your funds run out by the time the bid is accepted and goes through and what if it goes through before a game if players in your started eleven are involved in a swap, it will mess up your team and players might be out of position for and important game, so bear this in mind when placing a bid.
  23. Re: Kompany or Skrtel I think Skrtel woukd be a safer bet. City tend to by players who underacheive.
  24. Re: Andrés SERGIO ASENJO Unless he gets any games, his rating could go down.
  25. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! Ian Dowie would not look out of place as manager of the ugly team!
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