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  1. Re: KUSZCZAK, Tomasz Will only be second or third choice keeper at Man U this season. When van der saar loses form, United will almost certainly buy a new keeper as neither Kuszczak or Foster look good enough for first team spot.
  2. Re: Transfers Not Gone Through? Bit annoying really, I stayed up till just gone twelve last night, so two players who's transfer ban was lifted, I put in offers for both players hoping I would have them signed before others managers had a chance to put a bid in!! luckily they still havn't!!
  3. Re: ADLER or STEKELENBURG Adler in the better keeper and in only 21, buy him now!!
  4. Re: Who To Choose For You Free Kick Taker Don't forget Paul Wotton now at Southampton!!
  5. Re: Freddy Adu Has failed to live up to the hype! remember Nii Lamptey the Afrtican teenage sensation, I feel Freddy Adu might go the same way.
  6. Re: Who will rise, Torres or Iniesta? Yes Iniesta for me too, always consistently good for 90 minutes
  7. Cheeseypees

    Club Penguin!

    Re: Club Penguin! My six year old daughter loves this game
  8. Re: the BOJAN dillema (special case) Do you need the money? by the looks of your squad you don't need to buy any more players. Keep him
  9. Re: Nicolas Anelka It must also be pointed out that Cristano Ronaldo also missed a penalty in the Champions league final and also was dissapointing in the Euro"s does this mean like Anelka he should have a ratings drop?
  10. Re: Manipulation In 1966 And 1974 World Cups Joao Havelange the Former FIFA president is known to have accepted a bribe or two over the years when countries have been biiding to host the World Cup Finals. I think he should look at himself before accusing over people over corruption.
  11. Re: EBANKS-BLAKE, Sylvan Scored most of his goals at Plymouth and most of these were penalties, needs to work on his fitness as he carries a bit of weight, can't seem him rising to anything higher than 86 for a while.
  12. Re: Players Leaving Clubs I like the sound of this idea, it will stop the bigger teams hoarding all the better players, at least they have the option to loan a player out if they are not going to play them.
  13. Re: Giovani Dos Santos has signed for Tottenham Perhaps he doesn't like playing in front of big crowds?
  14. Re: Giovani Dos Santos has signed for Tottenham Now a spurs player his rating will probably soon start to drop.
  15. Re: Arron RAMSAY >> Manchester United Looks like he has agreed to join Arsenal
  16. Re: Luke McCormick kills 2 children Looking at the Lee Hughes case Hit and Run and killed an elderly gentleman, he got seven years in which he served almost four. Then got signed up by Oldham and is playing again. Things are worse for McCormick with the deaths of two children involved. Also with large media coverage (if he was not a footballer the media coverage would only be local), he is looking at a longer sentence and I feel this long out of the game and also the abuse he would face from rival supporters would end his football career anyway. As a Plymouth supporter this was the last thing we needed with are other keeper Romain Larrieu fighting against cancer, as well as losing all our players to rival championship clubs. Reading message boards on this subject a lot of people should look at themselves before judging, how many people have driven whilst under the influence, I don't drive myself but I know a lot of people who have driven after a few drinks.
  17. Re: Albert Riera or Juan Arango? I would go for Riera myself.
  18. Re: Mathieu VALBUENA No don't sell his rating will go over 90 next time round
  19. Re: UEFA CUP FINAL- Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg Rangers can"t rely on biased scottish referees as in the SPL
  20. Re: stefan kiesling Should think he will go up next time around.
  21. Re: Let's all laugh at Leicester!!! Well Ian Hollowords thought he had better chance of taking Leicester out of the Championship than Plymouth. Well he was right!!
  22. Re: Funny player names A few names from the past Stefan Kuntz (Scored for Germany against England Euro 96) Ralf Minge played in Germany 80's & 90's Dominique Dropsy French goalkeeper in 1978 world cup squad.
  23. Re: QPR I think if QPR real mean business they need to look further that signing players from Plymouth Argyle.
  24. Re: BARGAIN buy quick! He may be a regular for the Scottish Champions elect, but as the better clubs in Scotland are only of Championship level. his rating is probably still based on his reputation in England.
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