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  1. Re: Peter Crouch - why is he playing for england? Not really a fan or Crouch, but I have to admit he has done well for England, better than any forward, including Rooney and Owen.
  2. Re: Increase Stadium I think it would be a good idea, especially for smaller clubs that have made it to the top division and with extra revenue can hold there own against the big boys.
  3. Re: Who's the hardest player ever to play in Britain ? I can remember some hard cases in the lower divisions, Billy Whitehurst (Hull)and Hurlock (Millwall/Brentford).
  4. Re: Plymouth Argyle changes. Taribo West has retired and is living in Italy doing religous work. Also Bjarni Gudjohnsson is back playing in Iceland and Nuno Mendes was also released over a year ago, whereabouts unknown?
  5. Re: Few Exeter City players Yeah but then again these guys are non-league.
  6. Youth Team Players When new players are added to the New Player list, would it not be better to have new players being added to the youth squad as in real life, i.e. Daniel Sturridge to Manchester City, rather that as a free agent. Otherwise teams that have good talent coming through will miss out because they cannot afford to pick up these players, giving the moneybag clubs a chance to pick up all the hot talent. It would also keep the game more real, as after a few seasons some squads have become unreconisable after all the transfer deals.
  7. Stokes and helped Falkirk knock Celtic out of the CIS Cup
  8. David Norris I have to agree, Norris has been outstanding this season and has been watched by some Premier sides this year, Stuart Pearce has watched him personally. Yes his rating must go up!!
  9. Banksy Yeah he should be worth a bit more! very promising indeed! will probably be a regular, as Chadders has yet to prove himself and Barry Hayles is getting on a bit.
  10. My favorite part of Soccer Manager is buying and selling players, the problem now is with money being spent on free agents, making squads bigger (bigger wage bills). Squads are getting filled up with players nobody wants (poor ratings). Also I have recieved good offers for players in the past only for it to be refused by the Chairman or the SM authorities! Can there be more offers coming in from non-managed clubs or foreign teams for players, either transfer listed of not?
  11. Bale and a full Welsh International too!
  12. Jason Roberts just transferred from Wigan to Blackburn for 3 Million, must be worth more that an 86 rating? maybe 88?
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