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  1. Phil Doughty got -64 today. He's "1" rated now. Must buy no doubt 🙃 Guess it's a SM missclick, but I need to try him on a 90 average rating game rn.
  2. Pedro Porro keep 100%. Btw in spanish "Porro" means joint 😀
  3. Someone please? They're on the same team recently unmanaged. No more players +91 able to sign in this GW. Delle has 2 offers, Verratti 1 (mine).
  4. Nope, if you have two goalies 91 and 60 rated you won't be able to loan the third one (84) due to gk's average rating. This happened to me last season with a 78 rated goalkeeper. (93-78-60)
  5. Dembele is amazing. Arthur, Reguilón and Dembele best players to buy rn in La Liga.
  6. La Liga: marca.com > Madrid / Atletico as.com > Madrid / Atletico - (garbage) mundodeportivo.com > Barcelona sport.es > Barcelona - (garbage) superdeporte.es > Valencia estadiodeportivo.com > Sevilla / Betis
  7. Ooh thanks SM gods, the wait was worth it 😍
  8. In very competitive GWs you'll need good players to sign another high rated players from managed clubs. Nobody wants money.
  9. Could I keep Kepa playing League and Ter Stegen playing Cup, Shield and SMFA Shield with no concerns for any of them?
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