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  1. Phil Doughty got -64 today. He's "1" rated now. Must buy no doubt πŸ™ƒ Guess it's a SM missclick, but I need to try him on a 90 average rating game rn.
  2. Pedro Porro keep 100%. Btw in spanish "Porro" means joint πŸ˜€
  3. Someone please? They're on the same team recently unmanaged. No more players +91 able to sign in this GW. Delle has 2 offers, Verratti 1 (mine).
  4. Nope, if you have two goalies 91 and 60 rated you won't be able to loan the third one (84) due to gk's average rating. This happened to me last season with a 78 rated goalkeeper. (93-78-60)
  5. Dembele is amazing. Arthur, ReguilΓ³n and Dembele best players to buy rn in La Liga.
  6. La Liga: marca.com > Madrid / Atletico as.com > Madrid / Atletico - (garbage) mundodeportivo.com > Barcelona sport.es > Barcelona - (garbage) superdeporte.es > Valencia estadiodeportivo.com > Sevilla / Betis
  7. Ooh thanks SM gods, the wait was worth it 😍
  8. In very competitive GWs you'll need good players to sign another high rated players from managed clubs. Nobody wants money.
  9. Could I keep Kepa playing League and Ter Stegen playing Cup, Shield and SMFA Shield with no concerns for any of them?
  10. Yea, we did see in World Cup. Best player for Portugal, best player for Iran, best player for Morocco and same for Russia. Good job David, keep it up πŸ˜‰ https://www.elcorreo.com/deportes/futbol/mundial/rusia-2018/david-de-gea-portero-paradas-mundia-rusia-2018l-20180702095525-ntrc.html
  11. Sarabia to 91 is fair. Dembele must get +1 as well
  12. No rise for Alba but Varane 94? No rise for Ter Stegen and De Gea 95? No rise for Dembele but Lucas Vazquez is still 91? I'm done with SM. And no, i don't think tomorrow will be day 2 of FCB. Here since 2009 and i think this is the worst review ever. Next is VVD to 89 or something like that.
  13. Lucas Hernandez to Bayern in January for 80M €
  14. If you must sell one... Pavard of Kimpembe? I'd keep both if i could, but its for a better trade.
  15. Any italian can confirm if is there so many difference between Coulibaly and Hysaj to worth 93 and 90? ... 3 points 😐
  16. Chiesa 89 to 90 / 20M to 20M Kluivert 85 to 86 / 10M to 8M Wait for Dembele +1 and 32M to 28M
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