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  1. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players This probably isn't the right thread but seems as good as any...... How come Neymar is a 94 yet Suarez is a 95...!? Puzzling!!!?!.... Neymar out performs Suarez at club level....they both seem similar on the international stage... the only thing I can think that may put Suarez ahead is his goal tally during his last season at Liverpool!? (And his price tag when moving to barca!?) However I feel Neymar should be on an equal rating with his exploits this season.
  2. Re: Nastasic, Ginter, Mangala, Laporte or other In order to buy or replace I would need to sell. Who is better for both now and the future?
  3. Hi as the above title suggests who would be the best Young CB to buy? I currently have Hummels, Varane, Zouma, Ginter & Marquinhos who can play CB and was looking to upgrade slightly. Is it worth switching it up maybe moving Ginter on or should I stick with what I've got?
  4. Re: which CM, AM-R/L/C Hi Thanks for your reply.... I currently play a 4-2-3-1 system with the following line-ups 1st team -----------------GK------------------- ---------------Courtois---------------- ---DR--------DC-------DC----------DL Caravjal---Varane---Hummels-----Alaba -------DM-------------CM------------- ------Thiago----------Koke------------ -AMR------------AMC-------------AML Muller-----------Gotze------------Bale ------------------FC------------------ ----------------Neymar---------------- 2nd Team ------------------GK ---------------Courtois---------
  5. I currently have both KOKE and ISCO who play this role in my team. I was contemplating selling Isco and buying either Rakitic or Pjanic....... would this be a good move? Who would you go for or can you advise better? Thanks
  6. Re: If 2 teams bid the same player, where will the player go? What if both or all bids are the exactly the same? Where would the player go then?
  7. Re: Help with squad Well I've swapped both Nastasic and berradi plus cash for mats hummels but now considering if I should swap thiago Alcantara for Luca modric any thoughts?
  8. Re: Help with squad Can anyone provide any assistance? I had sold recently Alessio romagnoli and victor andrade in order to raise much needed funds
  9. Here is my first team squad and the positions I play them (injuries and conditions allowing) 1st = 1st choice 2nd = back-up. Please advise if I should keep/sell My finances currently show 9k so need to raise funds to pay wages GK 1st COURTOIS, Thibaut[/url] (92) / 2nd TER STEGEN, Marc-Andre (89) DEF RCB - 1st VARANE, Raphael (90) / 2nd MARQUINHOS, Correa (89) LCB -1st NASTASIC, Matija (90) / 2nd MARTINEZ, Inigo (89) RB - 1st CARVAJAL, Daniel (90) / 2nd ZOUMA, Kurt (88) LB - 1st ALABA, David (93) / 2nd SHAW, Luke (88) CM RCM - 1st THIAGO, Alcantara (91) / 2nd POGBA, Paul
  10. Gavhayes


    I have 2 players in my squad with concerns a out game time! Originally it was just Marc Andre ter Steven level 1 so I put him in goal for the last 7 games in a row then 2 days ago thiago Alcantara became concerned this player has played 19 times this season and is rotated with matic and Pogba however the weird thing is since thiago became concerned level 1 ter Stegan has gone to level 2. How can I get rid of the concerns without selling either player ?
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Will mikhitaryan and Aubameyang rise in the next ratings? I'm thinking of selling both! What in your view can their max ratings be?
  12. Re: Thiago Alcantara What's happening with him now at bayern? Should I keep him?
  13. Re: Thiago Alcantara What's happening with him now at bayern? Should I keep him?
  14. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Who is the better Real Madrid youth... Morata or Jese Rodriguez? Also is Bagnack worth buying from Barcelona?
  15. Re: The New Players Thread Hi can anyone tell me about Reece Burke 16yr old from west ham added to database recently. Is he worth buying? Albeit he's only 45k
  16. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread What rating do you predict Koke? Also what do you think he will reach with regards his maximum rating? Also is Inigo Martinez worth keeping or should I sell on? I heard he was touted with as with to Barca will this happen do you think?
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Can someone help when will the english premier league be reviewed?..in particular Tottenham!... Dawson is long over due for a rating increase cannot believe he's an 89 still! he's club captain and and been a rock in a team that was In 3rd place for large parts of last season also Dembele should be increased to a 91 IMO. And were all still waiting for Luke shaw of Southampton to get his rise! Lol....
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