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  1. Jup9


    Do somebodey know a fun team for a world championship:) its fore a friend he cant find a cool team so he asked me if i did know cool world championships but i said no so do you know a fun team thanks;)
  2. I have a amazing this is my idea : Make a competition two for youth sqouds so we all can play with young players two that coud be fun:)
  3. Jup9

    Fc Twente

    Re: Fc Twente I mean it go watch a match from fc twente you will believe me then
  4. Jup9

    Fc Twente

    This players from fc twente will need to rise:D Perez must get a 90 rating Elia must get a 88 rating Nkufo must get a 90 rating Arnautovic must get a 86 rating Douglas must get a 90 rating Braafheid must get a 89 rating If you not agree with this you know nothing about Fc Twente and the Eredivisie:)
  5. Re: Andrei Arshavin Of course i dond im from the netherlands:p
  6. Re: Rising ajax stars Comments?
  7. Re: Andrei Arshavin no much more zenit cool manchester sucks only Van De sar dind ____________ AJAX FOR LIVE
  8. Suarez is a great player he made good goals and he was 2 a team with Huntelaar i think Suarez will grow in a few years to a top player and i think he will be even better then Recoba and Forlan Huntelaar is the best player currently for ajax i think he will move next season to Real Madrid and i think he will be a great duo with V Nistelrooy and i think to that he will be even better then V Nistelrooy over a few years Stekelenburg is just the best goalkeeper in the eredivisie more i dond need to say DarĂ­o CVITANICH is one of the best players of his age i hope he will grow to a great player
  9. Jhon Van Beukering plays now for Nec Nijmegen he playd wel in the uefa cup against Dinamo Bucuresti and yes he did make the winning goal i think he dezerve,s a 87 - 88 rating:)
  10. Johan Vonlanthen is a young player i think he will grow in a few years to the best player in the current selection of Switserland he,s rating must be changed in 88 - 99
  11. Carneiro PAULO HENRIQUE does play wel for Heereveen i think by myself that he is almost so good as Alfonso Alves i think that Carneiro PAULO HENRIQUE dezerve,s a rating of 87 to 88
  12. Andrei Arshavin Arshavin is a super player right now and i think he dezerve,s a rating of 95-96:)
  13. Rodney Sneijder is a super talent from ajax maybe you have seen him on euro under 17 on the tv butt first they must add him to the new players list and i think he dezerve,s a 80 rating bye;)
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