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  1. I’d like to invite you in a FREE COACHING hosted by Olympian and counseling psychologist and performance coach, Dr. Andrea Wieland. Learn 5 keys to Athletic Success as well as all your questions will be answered related to athletic performance, parenting or coaching for athletic success. If you are a High School Athlete aged 14-18 y/o, or their coach or parents this is perfect for you. Grab this golden opportunity to add more resources and to improve more of your skills. REGISTER FOR FREE COACHING >> http://bit.ly/AskAnOlympian
  2. Feeling stale or tired during workouts, and seeing your race times get slower and slower. Always feeling sleepy because of lack sleep? Worried about your nutrition because do you think your calorie intake don’t matched your activity level? Stress by parent’s recent separation? Or are you experiencing inability to complete a workout that was previously a piece of cake? If you experiencing these problems that leads to your poor performance here’s a quick way to solve these. Dr. Andrea Wieland an Olympian and Psychologist is launching a free Tele-coaching calls. The calls are centered on the 5 Keys to Athletic Success. It’s a free coaching that able you to ask all your questions related to athletic performance, parenting and even coaching for athletic success. Dr. Andrea said “If you gain insights from participating in and listening to my FREE coaching calls, which then positively affects your world for better (social, family, academic, athletic, other), then, to me, it's totally worth it to offer you this type of GRATIS coaching!”. Ask any and all of your Questions around anything related to Training to be great! Gain knowledge and insight from Olympian and mental training expert, Dr. Andrea Wieland who has trained at the highest levels, studied psychology professionally, helped others reach their peak, and is passionate about passing her expertise, insights, experience, and resources on to YOU! TESTIMONIALS .
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