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  1. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Much appreciated, no worries. I know it's someone above you. Still not exactly sure as to why SM allows this to happen when it's clear that they know who is the admin, but it's their loss in the end. I'm certainly not the one making a bad impression about the game here. It takes me one minute to send another one in, we can keep the fight as much as we want, and I'll remind them once in a while.
  2. Riferimento: Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion dead welcome to the #nevergiveupteam
  3. Riferimento: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion that's just because their bid was higher than yours. Don't see a problem there
  4. Riferimento: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion
  5. Riferimento: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Noticed that the "Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed" was moved out in the ratings section, even though the discussion isn't only about ratings at all. Not liking this censorship trend that I'm seeing, personally but let's just assume it was a random change. Question is still the same, in case any Dev still cares about this game. Is it possible to get in touch with SW's admin so that I can ask why some submissions have been rejected? It'd take a couple of minute to explain that my submissions were correct. Here's my latest ones: Thanks.
  6. Riferimento: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed So, yeah. First of all, happy holidays everyone! I'm happy to announce that I did it: I reached reputation 0 only out of correct submissions. Wohoo! Guess I'm gonna make another couple of correct submissions to get banned and then we'll have a party. Oh and, in case some Dev still lies to you suggesting that submission are approved or rejected "on fans' vote" here's further proof. "Awaiting decision" means that the admin will reject or approve it. It has nothing to do with vote. If I go on the club's page and try to edit it, it tells me that there's something already being voted on, but when I click on it, it tells me: There is no Club Data to vote on. If you followed a link it may be that the data you are trying to view has recently been approved or rejected. Just to be clear, all my submissions were correct, and after the first one, I had the people playing multiplayer on SM with me voting them, so that I could disprove that it's about fans' vote. First, I tried to rename JFL, into J3 League. This was the best approach because all the clubs that are currently under JFL are actually playing in J3 since well over a year. Then, I would've submitted JFL into the system again. Then, after two random rejections, I tried to simply add J3 as a new league. It was stupid, because that way then I would have to move every single club from JFL to J3 but hey, gotta do what I can against incompetence I guess? But nope, it was rejected again. LOL dis league doesn't exist!1 Now, considering that I've spent money on this and I have all the rights to have the game data up to date since it says that it's handled, "by the fans" as promised, I guess I'll start an active campaign against the game on social media. I'm starting up a blog later on today, which recalls all of what happened. I've screened all forum posts and SW stuff because I've already seen bad attempts at censorship by deleting comments on the facebook's page, which is the opposite of what a Customer Services is supposed to do (i.e. at least learn to use PR stuff like "We're sorry about you're problem, we'll look into it"). I'm incredibly disappointed anyway, since I started playing this game in 2011 . I've never seen a worst customer support in my entire life. If anyone has any different suggestion about what I can do to gain attention on the problem, feel free to PM me or answer here. I'd welcome any better suggestion than actively bad mouthing the game but, as I said in the past, unfortunately it feels like knocking on a locked door so I'm not sure what else I can do. I've also thought about making a petition... The hilarious thing is that if things worked as they should I would've already brought 10+ more friends to SM, because they were interested in playing lower leagues, and I would be going around saying "check this game guys, you can play any club".
  7. Riferimento: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed From the "Suspension" pages of Soccerwiki: So yes, there is an active admin on Soccerwiki and no, I refuse to believe that Soccer Manager doesn't know who this guy is or how to contact him. What did this user do to get banned? Player-wise, he made really a lot of work, and 95% of it was approved. I took a look at some of the rare rejections and, as usual, some are wrong. For example, yes, Kyle Venter was indeed released. News is on LA Galaxy's official website. Some were even transfers that happened, like, yesterday. So he was definitely a quality user. Yes, there are some rejections especially on a few players that he put on "released" status for example on the 8th december and I don't know if it was correct or not, but overall it's clear that most of his stuff was correct. Overall, I think that Soccerwiki is missing a field were you can paste an URL with your source for the news so that everyone, including people who upvote or downvote, know what the heck you're actually basing on. On the team's side, there a lot with "Voting closed. Awaiting decision" even if they happened months ago but considering none of those are in the DB I assume they were rejected. Date Submitted Status Bharat FC -> this is a new club of the I-League. On paper, the new season hasn't started yet so I guess one could reject this submission for this reason. But the league will start on the 17th of January, and considering how slow the process of submitting thing is, it didn't seem a good idea to reject it since it's so close. Data was correct per-se. FC Montreal Tue 18 Nov, 2014 (Voting closed. Awaiting decision) FC Montréal Fri 31 Oct, 2014 (Voting closed. Awaiting decision) He tried two times to submit FC Montreal, probably because he didn't understand why it was rejected. The situation here is the same. Data is correct. The next season of USL Pro hasn't started yet though, I think it starts around April, so I guess I could sorta understand rejecting this. Funny enough on USL Pro's SW page there's a guy who commented "Add Austin Aztex to league and move Orlando city to MLS. Seasons are over for all American soccer." Doesn't seem to be possible, my friend! CDR Moimenta da Beira Thu 30 Oct, 2014 -> This was a correct submission. This club didn't (and still doesn't) exist on soccerwiki - unless it's there with a wrong name, but I doubt it. It's playing in group C in the portoguese 3rd div. And the league is fully going on right now. Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Thu 23 Oct, 2014 Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Thu 23 Oct, 2014 -> not sure why he submitted it twice, anyway it's just like FC Montreal. Correct data, just the league hasn't started yet. It's a club that will play in the next season. Tulsa Roughnecks FC Wed 15 Oct, 2014 -> same situation Campeonato Nacional de Seniores Serie D Thu 25 Sep, 2014 Rejected -> This was correct. Infact, this league has groups from A to letter H but we have only A, B, C on Soccerwiki because, as usual, data is old. There are also several clubs like FC Cesarense which are present on soccerwiki and are in Serie C, which is completely wrong, and the season is going on right now. Of course, if Serie D is rejected it's impossible to fix these clubs and move it to their correct division. Alpha United FC Wed 20 Aug, 2014 -> Correct submission. It was a club playing in the GFF Super League. Arizona United SC Thu 13 Mar, 2014 Rejected -> this was indeed a mistake, because Phoenix FC was a deceased club and he changed the name to Arizona United, but he should've sent in Arizona United as a new club, instead (which is now in the DB). Orange County Blues FC Mon 24 Feb, 2014 Rejected He had updated their stadium, location, medium name, colors. I checked and it was all correct data. Note that if you go on to look this club's data, yes, there is still the old, wrong, data. Wrong colors, wrong name, wrong stadium. So no, he did not "submit incorrect data" mostly, let alone "numerous". It can be discussed if he submitted a few things too early but that's a different matter and certainly not worthy of a suspension. Wonder if I'll be the next, LOL. And just to be clear, no, I didn't submit data about stuff that's going to happen next season. Mine was all data that was correct - right now. :/
  8. Riferimento: Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed If you read the tooltip on the ? it pretty much explains that that's just a way to say that player ratings isn't influenced in the game http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=2995402&postcount=26 http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=2994545&postcount=10 here's the best answers on soccerwiki in general so far - hilariously' date=' they don't even come from a Dev. In regards to ratings I'm [i']generally[/i]pleased with them so I never had any concernes - I'm more concerned about the game data being kept wrong - but I can see why someone else would like a more in-depth answer about the process.
  9. Riferimento: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Apologies for making a post about this but I answered your PM Steven, would be nice if you took a look. I'm also sad to report that I've been banned from the Facebook page (can't post anymore) and my comment has been deleted. This is quite a sad way to handle the situation, as you could easily check, I've played this game since almost 4 years, I'm probably one of the most loyal players around and I've never had a single complain for years, mostly up until communication was possible and things were working. I didn't even use to post on the forum, so I'm certainly not one of those idiots who likes to complain here and there just because he likes yelling on the internet. Yes, in my post on facebook I had complained about the same thing that I've complained here in the other thread, but this is because making noise is the only way to achieve something when the problem is getting ignored - again, it's not just the problem that's being ignored, it's also a problem of lack of communication and trasparency with the userbase. This severe lack of transparency on the soccerwiki issue is hurting the game way more than my complaints are, believe me. Yes, I've also paid for a Custom World because - stupid me - I had assumed that when you offer free, correct work, that would benefit the whole Soccer Manager, it doesn't get rejected with absolutely no chance of clarification, so that's another reason to be angry. So, the issue isn't even the fact that things get rejected randomly, it's the fact that there is no way to address things, no way to communicate with any human being. I've had a friend made a comment about this on the facebook page again and took a screen this time, let's see if it's deleted again and this arm wrestling benefits more Soccer Manager or it's actually a boomerang, shall we? :/
  10. Riferimento: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed Update time: 16th of december, half a month later, still no answers from soccerwiki emails, as expected. Devs (at least the ones posting on the forum) still clueless of what's going on there at all, or who's even managing it, or purposedly letting users in the dark, hope that's not the case. Two of the "admins", argala and JMH also completely disappeared which means that it's impossible to contact anyone to address wrong rejects. Jesus christ. I could make a couple more submission just to see my reputation get to 0 and have some laughs at least, dunno. I have the new league logos ready for example but I know they will get rejected.
  11. Riferimento: Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion
  12. Riferimento: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed previous post made on the 3rd of december - today is the 12th' date=' still nobody gave a damn. PMs to Devs' answer was to send emails to soccerwiki. Emails to soccerwiki were ignored. PMs to JMH or argala were ignored. Nobody cares about this game I guess, since we're at the point were people happily offering support are ignored. Yet there's definitely someone on soccerwiki who has the time to reject stuff for fun! I added Gamba Osaka as JLeague champion and at very least this didn't get rejected. My reputation for some reason is still at [b']2[/b] - absolutely hilarious
  13. Riferimento: Re: Vast improvement of Soccerwiki needed
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