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  1. Hi guys, inherited a bunch of youth players for my barcelona team. Not that familiar with all of them, so hoping for some help deciding who to keep and who to sell. The list of players is as follow, and Im thinking of keeping 4 players. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. J. Ezkieta J. Brandariz M. Cucurella (keep) R. Tarin S. Palencia (keep) S. Paik A. Carbonell J. Guillemenot R. Mujica (keep) I. Abeledo S. Lee (keep)
  2. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Hi, I just inherited a barca b team and there are a lot of Spanish players who I am unfamiliar with, hence any input will be greatly appreciated. some players are injury prone and im not sure if they are worth holding on to thanks! P.s try to strike out as many as possible as I can only support a small team, so just leave behind those with the most potential SOTRES, Daniel ARRIZABALAGA, Kepa BLANCO, Rubén BAÑUZ, Miguel AURTENETXE, Jon LUNA, Antonio AMAT, Jordi BARTRA, Marc MUNIESA, Marc GÓMEZ, Sergi MIQUEL, Ignasi INSÚA, Pablo SOTO, David GASPAR,
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