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  1. can anyone do each player who is 87rated or younger on top of there form at the moment for example gk-SERGIO ASENJO, Andrés rb- beck
  2. should i sell him i would get 2-3 mil for him
  3. Re: 0-8mil To Spend cmon everyone any ideas on boateng
  4. Re: 0-8mil To Spend what do you think about boateng
  5. Re: 0-8mil To Spend AKINFEEV, Igor in the postion
  6. Re: 0-8mil To Spend the goal keeper do you think he will be big in the future
  7. Re: 0-8mil To Spend anyone know i was thinking of BOATENG, Jérôme how is he doing
  8. Re: Im confused all the good players dont play well together from my experience for eg playing juan mate instead of capel mataa scored two goals me which capel was injured they might not have logged on for a long time and onw of there best players might of got injured another player would of went into the starting 11
  9. Re: A Few Brazilian Leauge Risers Predictions will these defo rise
  10. i need a good central midfielder 90 or over 20 mil or less can go to 22 tops i can get these players for 20mil RAUL GARCIA, Escudero Filipe JOAO MOUTINHO and mabye mikel for chelsea but his at a managed team any ideas on who to buy
  11. has anyone got an formation which would beat this i thought 3-2221
  12. Re: help me to win sm fans help me to win my game any ideas on my team
  13. Re: Have you ever played the formation 3-2-2-2-1 cmon someone must of played it
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