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  1. Re: Help for Big deal! your team is complete so you need young players that will develop into stars. your cb might need replacing in the long run since puyol and mascherano will continue droping in rating and vidal is likely to have a change in position to just mf pretty soon so i'd say nastasic , but if you enjoy the thrill of players increasing rating continually then i suggest you go for fischer and kovacic
  2. i think there needs to be a maximum amount of player a club can have and a wage cap so that clubs cannot hoard all the good players in the game and all the good youth players as well
  3. Re: Any young, good and cheap Goalkeepers? ben amos deffo
  4. i want to buy courtois from an unmananaged club i have not done any deals with the club this season and i am offering more than his market value in cash , but for some reason the game wont let me make an offer for him or anyone n his team, and the club has been unmanaged for more than seven days .the cub has more than 21 full players, and like 4 goal keepers. why is this
  5. i cant believe neilton meira mestzk is not on soccer manager this must be embarassing for the board for those of you who dont know him hes 19 , plays for santos and was top scorer in the copa sao paolo de junior 2013
  6. someone has offered me ronaldo for bale+gotze/neymar should i accept and should i accept?
  7. should i sell kwadwo asamoah or will his rating increase
  8. should i sell hulk givanildo, sami khedira and marek hamsik or do you think his rating will increase?
  9. Re: who is a good young centre forward who i can use as a substitute? son heung ming christian atsu aspas iago musa ahmed tello leo baptstao
  10. Re: Ratingggsssssssssssssssssssss i need to generate cash should i sell any of these players or do you thinkthey would have a rating increase sami khesira marek hamsik edin dzeko
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