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  1. Re: English Championship 32064!! (JUST OPENED) Yeah that's a nice team you're building there! Reasonably happy with how my Sunderland side is coming together, need to add a bit more depth now, brought in Kirchhoff and hopefully can find some players to upgrade on the likes of Graham and Buckley with the limited funds!
  2. Re: Gold Championship 449 - Official Thread Strong 4-0 win over Mansfield in the English Shield yesterday for Fulham, as we put out the fringe players. Been a couple of signings too, highlight being Marek Suchy coming in from Basle to strengthen the defence, with Dan Burn going the other way.
  3. Re: Brookfield Premier League - The Most Realistic Custom Game World Been lots of signings at Monaco, now preparing for life in D1 following a 3-0 victory over Stuttgart in the Play-Off Final. Not bad for a first match in charge
  4. Re: World Premier League ID: 237542 Disappointing loss to Chelsea with my first match in charge of Lyon, managed to get some decent signings in though before the Transfer Window closed - highlights probably being Bas Dost, Wijnaldum and Darmian
  5. Re: Gold Championship 449 - Official Thread Got Fulham in this one, signed a couple of decent players in Teofilo Gutierrez, Vincent Pajot and Victor Vazquez. Hopefully got Bram Nuytinck to come in as well. Had a good start to the season too, beating Charlton 2-1 - hoping to be challenging towards the top end!
  6. Re: English Championship 32064!! (JUST OPENED) I've got Sunderland in this one, feeling pretty good about the signings I've made particularly Ter Stegen and Verratti
  7. Re: Licensed to Spend Sorry guys, I'm going to have to bail on you and resign I'm afraid. I know I pushed for a team, but I've just had a change of personal circumstances and the new place where I am now living means I don't have internet for the next few weeks so I won't be able to keep up with this. Sorry again. I've deactivated my account on SM now, also.
  8. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads Sent you the Friend Request on the game, Superharber. Am looking forward to this Excited for the draw!
  9. Re: Licensed to Spend Delighted with this victory, was surprised really because they have a slightly better lineup all told when everyone is fit at the start of the season, but with them going 3-5-2, Ayew seemed to have a field day playing out wide. Very solid start to the season.
  10. Re: Last Of The Big Spenders - Draft / Empty Squads If possible, I'd be interested. Am also on the Licensed to Spend Custom League and would be keen to give this one ago. Let me know if you'll have me
  11. Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350 Not much to state at AZ, things are going well with Dider Digard the most recent acquisition. Am probably going to stick with the current squad for the time being though as they're serving me well. Following an unfortunate defeat to Ajax last time out which would have put as joint top we now sit 3rd on 14th points behind PSV and Feyenoord - not too shabby at all.
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