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  1. Have jumped and applied for PSG so Valencia are indeed open to someone. Benteke is already sold for £18m to fit in with his release clause rule this season. Also sold a couple of squad players prior to leaving so whoever takes charge can add that to the budget they originally had. Think it works out you can spend about £65m max on one cash player to take into account the 30% rule Valencia have. Will sort out the MV situation over this weekend, Will sell to the highest Italian club bidder on Monday night to give all Italian clubs the chance to actually bid.
  2. Valencia Budget: 18m [TABLE=class: text_table] [TR] [TD]CHAIRMAN[/TD] [TD]Chairman wants to invest in Spanish players and your first external Spanish buy will see him pay 50%[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]PLAYER[/TD] [TD]Wanyama was dissapointed with his game time last season, He can leave for a 16m offer.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]FANS[/TD] [TD]Pedro is the fans favourite 5+ goals from him will see the 5m bonus unlocked.[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] We have signed Ander Iturraspe for £12m so 50% of that comes from the chairman rule which leaves us with £12m left of our budget. We have today had bids accepted for Victor Moses (free agent) and Alex Pritchard for a combined fee of £6.2m so we have £5.8m plus what we sell Victor Wanyama for if he does leave for his £16m clause. Going to try a new tactic this season and hope we can push for a promotion place, can't see us doing much more in the transfer market as happy with the squad we have after the playing ratings increases we had towards the end of the season has left us in a much more competitive position.
  3. Chairman Concern – Your chairman negotiated a £14m deal for Pedro from Barcelona, if you want to sign him, it will be completely funded outside of your budget, if you decline, you will only receive £8m towards a player of your choice. Players Concern – Rodrigo has itchy feet again and hands in a transfer request, you will receive £3m over CV for him. Fans Concern – They love Gaya, of you keep hold of him and play him in 5 league games, they will give you £5m extra to your budget next season. Well we signed Pedro for the £14m fee and also sold Rodrigo for the £13.3m fee which worked out at £3m over CV. We also played Gaya in 14 games this season from the start so he easily meets the 5 league game criteria and allows us the extra £5m to the budget which after finishing 7th gives us a total of £18m for next season. In terms of how the season went, well it was very hit and miss which has ultimately ended with a disappointing season which saw us nowhere really near the promotion places which I was hoping for but towards the end of the season we did get quite a few good rating increases which improves the first team quite a bit for next season so hopefully we can push on and actually make a challenge next season.
  4. Definitely want to be part of the new one, having won the title in the first 3 seasons I would love to have a crack at trying again. Manic with work so not checking forum a great deal recently so if something starts up can someone please give me a nudge in game. Much appreciated
  5. I thought it was only players who had a rule on them that had to go to the highest bidder but other players it is the choice of the manager (player exchanges etc) to decide which bid he accepts. Sometimes bids get accepted and you think it makes no sense until a day later you see the second part of the deal being completed, obviously I have no idea if that is the case here.
  6. So with the external bids coming in and freeing up some more cash Valencia have managed to bring in a few more targets for the season and are pretty much done for now. Still have a few to sell to externals and will decide what to do with that cash when it comes in. For now we have added Victor Wanyama, Vital Dede & Ryan Mason to the squad with Vital Dede going straight into the first team to partner Nicolas Otamendi in central defence for us. This leaves us with a first team that looks a little like this .. GK - Diego Alves 90 DR - Nathaniel Clyne 89 DC - Nicolas Otamendi 90 DC - Vital Dede 90 DL - Jose Luis Gaya 86 (To meet bonus funds criteria for next season) DMC - Kevin Strootman 91 MC - Adam Lallana 90 MC- Enzo Perez 90 AML - Sofiana Feghouli 90 AMR - Rodriguez Pedro 92 FC - Christian Benteke 89 S1 - Victor Wanyama 88 S2 - Simone Scuffet 84 S3 - Graziano Pelle 89 S4 - Paco Alacazer 89 S5 - Andre Gomes 88 S6 - Shkodran Mustafi 88 S7 - Mattia Di Sciglio 89 (Will rotate with the DL spot) Squad players include Eric Dier, Ryan Mason, Rodrigo De Paul and Pablo Piatti but I might be willing to sell the last one if the right offer comes in.
  7. Valencia have made a few more moves in the transfer market adding Simone Scuffet as a backup goalkeeper whilst also bringing in Mattia Di Sciglio to provide competition to full backs, this season he will share the role of left back with Jose Luis Gaya. Leaving the club is Moreno Rodrigo who put in a transfer request before the season started and he is on his way to AS Monaco for the £13.35m fee that was set. We have a bit of money left over but really wanting to wait until I get rid of players to external bids before I move again in the transfer market. Players In Rodriguez Pedro £14m (Paid for by chairman) Nathaniel Clyne £11.8m Adam Lallana £10.8m Christian Benteke £11.5m Kevin Strootman £18m (Met release clause for him) Mattia Di Sciglio £9.5m Simone Scuffet £5.5m Players Out Dani Parejo £17m Moreno Rodrigo £13.45m (Release clause met) First Team As Things Stand GK - Diego Alves 90 DR - Nathaniel Clyne 89 DL - Mattia Di Sciglio 89 DC - Nicolas Otamendi 90 DC - Shkodran Mustafi 88 DM - Kevin Strootman 91 MC - Adam Lallana 90 MC - Enzo Perez 91 AML - Rodriguez Pedro 92 AMR - Sofiane Feghouli 90 FC - Christian Benteke 89 Still some work to do as would like to bring in another DC and another MC for the first side in place of Mustafi & Feghouli whilst after that it will be sorting out backup players.
  8. Valencia have completed the signings of Pedro for £14m which is funded outside of my budget whilst also agreeing a deal to bring Strootman for £18m. We have let Parejo leave for £17m to balance the books a little bit. Have bids accepted for Clyne, Benteke and Lallana to join the club for little over CV values. Currently open to cash bids on all Valencia players but unless they are transfer listed then it would take a bid much higher then CV to be considered.
  9. Happy with Valencia, have never managed them before so always a nice challenge
  10. Awesome work as always, looking forward to seeing which club I get:D
  11. Re: Reality Check V3.0 The Ultimate Edition Looking forward to it
  12. Re: Reality Check 2 Would love to get involved with RC3 from the start
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