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  1. If someone knows and can, please help me with the tactic, the best this team can have. Ramos, Vidic, Pepe, T.Silva, Badstuber, Schweinsteiger, Sanchez, Robben, Hazard, Aguero, Cavani, Falcao, Paulinho, Valencia. Tell me please what tactis and instructions are best for my team. (Sorry for the bad english)
  2. Hi everybody, im new in this. I have a guestion for a formation. I have Casillas,Ramos,Badstuber,Vidic,Pepe,Mascherano,Robben,Sanchez,Tevez,Aguero and Falcao. I Dont know what formation is the best for this time so i hope somebody who knows to tell me. Thanks.
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