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  1. Only one of Matt's setups would make me post on these butt-ugly forums again... >.> I'm interested and, if we're allowed to choose, with a European club. The weirder the club, the better.
  2. Oh crap, I thought it was 1st come 1st serve... Sorry Laura, if you want I can swap teams with you.
  3. Damn, how on earth didn't I think about that empty squad factor?! :/ Applied for Luton.
  4. Ahoy Ped, hope you are well Brother x

    1. pedrooliveira


      Daaave, how great to hear from you!

      I'm fine, thx! You?

  5. Yeah, 4 divisions and promotion playoffs look good. You can offer the club to Mourinho Guardiola, Matt (my Feed the Minnows account). Thx in advance!
  6. Thx Ash and Steve, much appreciated! Matt should just do what's best for the setup tho. If he believes a very reduced number of clubs is more advisable, then sticking with his original plan is sensible. If I get a saythen I believe empty squads would be the faor thing to do for everybody, but I'd be game for anything. EDIT: in case Matt wants no more than 2 additional managers, I'd let Huddo have my place. He deserves it, like Laura.
  7. I'd be up for this, Laura, as I had stated in the newsfeed of Noisy's defunct under 23 setup. A good idea would be to adopt very restrictive stadium caps (I'd say 5k, but 10k would also be okay imo), just in case you want to tweak the rules along the way, even tho I believe the 78 signing cap should never be changed. I'd say make the setup as short as possible (10/12 teams). Squad cap of 25/30 players would be advisable in order to prevent player hogging. I'd let people buy players up to 23 yo and keep them till they turn 25, as it rewards good scouting. It would have to be empty squads, 30/40M starting budget and very rich economy, I reckon. An interesting idea would be to implement a prize system: like the league winner would be able to buy 2 78- rated players from managed clubs. The cup and shield (if there is one) winner would just get 1 prize player. I'd like to pick Fimleikafelag Hafnarfjordur (FH) from Iceland, if possible.
  8. Bummed af for missing this! I love these R2R setups and have stuck with all I've been in till the end, including the one that's still alive today. Since as per usual, people take forever to pick their clubs, I'm gonna declare my interest again to Matt and choose Bristol Rovers in case there's a last minute dropout. If someone takes too long to accept their club, please just offer it to me, Matt!
  9. You guys make some good points. I agree Portugal's next generation is promising. But the competition will be tough and (this is especially relevant btw), unlike NTs such as Germany or France, Portugal won't have the 12th player when needed. You saw what happened in Euro 2016: we had a clear pen robbed from us vs Croatia, Poland and Wales. Fortunately things turned out well in the end, but small, poor countries, with few inhabitants, like Portugal or Uruguay, have to rely on themselves only in these big NT comps. That's why, despite player quality, I'll always see NTs like Germany or France as favourites, over the likes of Portugal. Winning a WC is off limits for countries that aren't rich or don't have a big population. It's been that way since football has become a widely profitable industry, dominated by one of the most corrupt institutions on Earth: FIFA. UEFA is still considerably less corrupt than FIFA - that's why countries like Greece or Portugal have managed to win a Euro each recently. I have a very healthy approach to sport and football in particular: I know how things work, I don't get overly upset with failure and I get thrilled with success. Otherwise you'll just stop enjoying football altogether and, at least for me, the only point of football is personal enjoyment / entertainment. If you lose (and both my Braga and Portugal have already had tremendously frustrating moments in their respective histories), then just move on with your life! Moping about the past won't change anything, so might as well try to make the best of things.
  10. Thanks Jamie! And Petros, I do think Fernando Santos is competent, but not amazing. He's too defensive for my liking, but hey... I ain't complaining. Okay, here's my opinion about Portugal's quality over the years. After 2008, quality has decreased significantly imo. This recent hiatus in quality is a direct correlated with Portugal completely crapping on its youth system during almost all the past decade. Clubs had cash, so they opted to waste it on overpriced South American crap. Since the reintroduction of B sides, Portuguese youngsters have been managing to accumulate experience in the 2nd division, which is competitive enough for them. The current generation is transitional, like I said before, and I do reckon Ronaldo carried us for a good number of years. We obvioulsy had other good players, but he was the breadwinner, if you will. I never thought we'd win this Euro, but I believed we could - it's still tremendously difficult and unlikely tho - win 1 of Euro 2020 or 2024. This next generation can be even better than Figo's imo. Ash mentioned some players. I could add the likes of Luís Rafa, Cancelo, João Nunes, André Silva, Diogo Jota, Iuri Medeiros, Vezo, José Sá, Ricardo Pereira or Gelson Martins. Thing is, I also see a lot of potential in the likes of Germany, Spain, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Croatia and even Serbia. So it's very very tough for Portugal to win a Euro, even if this promising new generation delivers. In the end, I don't care - I never thought I'd see Portugal win a big comp, so anything else that comes is a bonus. I'd rather have Portugal play poorly, like in this Euro, and win, than playing awesome - like in 2000, 2004 or in the 2006 WC - and winning squat. The same goes for Braga. Watching good football is always pleasant, but in the end what you want is trophies. EDIT: I'm not taking anything away from Santos, he literally performed a miracle. In fact, I'd include him on the Ballon d'Or coach list, alongside Ranieri and Pizzi, who won the Copa América with Chile. But I'd give it to Ranieri, coz driving a huge underdog to success, in 38 matches, is a lot harder than doing it in 6 or 7 matches. Still all 3 have done absolute wonders with the material they had at their disposal, especially when compared to the competition.
  11. Thank you very much, Rahul and Petros! Never in a million years did I think Portugal would win Euro 2016. This is a transitional group of players: oldies like Ricardo Carvalho, Pepe, Quaresma, Fonte and even Ronaldo; then youngsters like João Mário, Renato, Guerreiro and André Gomes. I believed that MAYBE we could win Euro 2020 or Euro 2024. I don't believe Portugal will ever win a WC, coz FIFA is considerably more corrupt than UEFA. I still don't think Santos is an extraordinary coach - I knew he was competent, but he's just outdone himself. He bet on a more defensive approach to most matches, knowing that this Portuguese squad wasn't that good. I said to my cousin, the other day (before the quarterfinals), that there was only one way Portugal could win the trophy. It would be like Greece did in 2004: a whole lot of teamwork and sacrifice, a whole lot of luck and cool heads. It's kinda like tennis - when a player is struggling really hard to win, but then gets over the hump, they start believing it's possible. The group stage was Portugal's hump. Portugal is historically tough in knockout stages, but we were incredibly lucky this time around, especially with the draw. We dodged sides like Germany, Spain or Belgium, who I think would have beaten us. In 2004 we played terrificly and didn't win. In this Euro, we played poorly and we won. When I really started believing was after we eliminated Croatia. Before the semis, I told my friends and family: "I have a feeling that, if Portugal faces Germany in the final, we'll lose. But I think that, if we play France, we're gonna win". Germany plays at a higher tempo than France and they're a better side overall. France is more or less as good as Portugal nowadays (I'd say they're a bit better than us, when they have their best players available), but I had a feeling that the home factor was gonna mess with their heads. They'd face a team that they considered weaker and would probably think they had the "obligation" of beating us. Some players don't know how to deal with this. Plus, after the incredibly bumpy road to the final, Portugal players must have been really confident that this was gonna be their time. And many players get motivated playing in a hostile environment, against the home team. All this + the French - mainly the press - constantly making fun of us and saying we didn't stand a chance... well, I guess our players just got even more motivated. And, after Ronaldo was subbed, I told my family: "I still reckon we're gonna win this. I bet the other players are gonna unite even more now". After 2004 we needed this. But I'm not sure if I'm happier with this Euro trophy than with Braga's recent cup win. God, I'm so not used to silverware, then I get 2 trophies in a row! I'm fully aware 2016 is gonna be the happiest footballing year of my entire life. At least I won't die before seeing Portugal win a major tournament. And some of these players, wow... Pepe was a monster during the entire tournament and, since he was fielded, Fonte was a boss. I don't even have words for Raphael Guerreiro... The kid is even better than I thought - what a fullback the lad is gonna turn out to be! João Mário is such a warrior and also has good feet, not to mention he's very level-headed. Cédric was a good surprise: I liked his offensive skills, but I wasn't too sure about his defensive abilities. Rui Patrício was a monster in this final and he made that incredible save vs Poland, in the penalty shootout. Renato Sanches just proved he's almost as strong mentally as he's physically. And he has good feet too. Also, very happy for Ronaldo, who carried Portugal's NT during several years. I'm not big on the Messi/Ronaldo debate, but this is quite funny. The Euro is usually much tougher to win than Copa América. You normally have sides like Germany, Spain, Italy, France, England, Holland and now Belgium and even Croatia to some extent. In Copa América, Argentina usually has no more than 1 team, more or less on the same level as them - Brazil. Uruguay are good, Colombia too and now Chile is playing brilliantly. But with Argentina, Messi had a much bigger chance at winning silverware than Ronaldo did with Portugal. Yet the former has retired from international football empty handed, while the latter has just won 1 of the toughest NT competitions in world football. I still would have liked for Messi to try another major league, like the Prem, where I think he'd be physically overwhelmed. Who the hell cares tho? Not worried about individual awards. I'm just happy that Portugal will no longer be seen as that bunch of losers who use to get far in major comps, but never win anything.
  12. Yo, how awesome would it be to have a Wales-Iceland final and Iceland taking home the trophy?
  13. I agree with basically everything Vítor and jgos2 said. Portugal is probs still figuring out how they beat Croatia. Really bad luck for Croatia, they did more than us to win. Shocked Iceland knocked out England. I've always said England had some young talents, but they have the same problem as Portugal: they have no coach. England really needed an assertive playmaker yesterday - they didn't quite know what to do with the ball. Iceland tho... wow! They have a population of 340k if I'm not mistaken. They already drew against Portugal and beat England. I have nothing against England, but you gotta love such an underdog. I even sympathised with them after they drew against Portugal, then Ronaldo opened his mouth and crap came out. Of course Iceland were gonna celebrate a draw against us - we have 30+times their population. If I had to bet now, I'd say the final is gonna be Belgium-Germany. And it would likely be an entertaining match to watch. Also, massive congrats to Chile! They're a joy to watch and a real team. They'd tear Portugal a new one if they faced us right now.
  14. Amen! How bout that super difficult win for Chile over Mexico? Portugal performing even worse than I expected. Would help if Ronaldo hadn't left his feet in Madrid... Would also help if the coach knew what he was doing. But in this particular case, appearances aren't deceitful - Santos is as dumb as he looks. Bringing on subs with little time left in the matches. Nani remains crap but apparently he can't be subbed. Rafa, fielded on the 88th or 89th minute, did more than Nani the entire match against Austria. Bad luck isn't a valid excuse. Portugal has always been rubbish at scoring goals. Hopefully agents won't screw the talented Portuguese generation ahead, coz the current one is an eyesore to watch.
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